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Meet One Of Michele Hauf's Favorite Heroes…

by Michele Hauf, author of Beyond the Moon Let me introduce you to one of my favorite heroes. His name is Rook. Just Rook. He’s been a vampire hunter for more than four hundred years. And he is a mortal man. Secretive … Read More »

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In the Company of Vampires

by Michele Hauf, author of Beyond the Moon (Harlequin Nocturne) The Order of the Stake is a 400-year-old organization that hunts vampires. Their hunters are called knights and they are, indeed, knighted by the founder of the order. (Said founder being … Read More »

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When Breaking Bad Meets Vampires

by Michele Hauf, author of The Vampire Hunter (Harlequin Nocturne, January 2014) Quick.  What’s your favorite dramatic TV show?  Mine is (was!) Breaking Bad.  I don’t get cable so I had to make do with watching on Netflix a year … Read More »

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