What Would Your Superpower Be?

by Misty Simon, author of Wicked Ink

When starting this series of books, I had actually intended for there to only be one, Wicked Ink. I wrote the story of a man who struggled with who he was and who he could become. But as I got into the story, it was apparent that there was far more to explore than just one man. What about the woman who tattooed him in the first place? The one who marked him to be the monster he originated as? And what about the man who had sworn to help him redeem himself?

And so Jackson and Lissa got their own story. I love second chances. I especially love second chances when you never really got to have the first. Paranormal is an incredible genre to tell those types of stories because there is so much richness in the back stories of people who are fighting the good fight in a world that is designed to be easier for the bad guy.

The Ink world is created around the concept that tattoos can enhance a person’s supernatural talents. But what if you had super powers? The comic book world loves a good villain and so do I. It’s easy to go to the dark side – all that power, all that ability to do whatever you want, however you want. But staying on the side of good takes a ton of dedication and willpower, an innate goodness that strives for the light.

Jackson has done things and seen things that make him want the light but not always reside there. He’s a soldier and a protector, but how far will he go to protect those he loves? And who precisely falls in that category?

I loved exploring those concepts in my new book available from Harlequin in July, Protective Ink. It’s a journey of the heart but also the mind as they try to figure out who is sabotaging them and what they’ll do to stop the individual.

Adding the layer of super powers in these books just makes it more fun because I can do the fantastical, although it also has to be logical and have consequences. But if you could pick a super power, without consequences, what would it be? What would you use it for? Lay it on me, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

About Wicked Ink:

wickedinkGarrett Blackwell is not a superhero, and his tattoos aren’t just ink. They’re the weapons he uses to hunt those who hurt the innocent as he tries to atone for his dark past of violence and crime. And he pays a price every time he uses his gift to summon the darkness around him.

Dory Miller has lived beside Garrett for two months and is torn by her feelings toward her sexy, reclusive neighbor. He’s the hottest man she’s ever met, but as more women in her building become targets of a stalker, she doesn’t know who she can trust—especially after she finds Garrett bleeding from a knife wound. Despite her fears that Garrett might be the one responsible for the violence, she feels compelled to help heal his wounds.

Garrett reluctantly lets her, and is shocked to discover that she can heal not only his physical wounds, but also the darkness brought by his powers. But if letting her in means putting her in danger, Garrett may have to keep his distance to keep her safe.

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One Response to What Would Your Superpower Be?

  1. Darreneus

    I suppose I like the superpower of mind-controlling people to give me money. hehe.

    Interesting reviews here. I wonder if you also do the teen paranormal stuff.

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