Giveaway: Win THE CURSED by Heather Graham

What would you do if a spirit appeared and asked for your help? If you were a character in one of Heather Graham‘s books, you’d be able to call the Krewe of Hunters, the FBI’s paranormal investigation unit! The Krewe of Hunter’s latest case takes them to Key Largo in Heather Graham’s new novel, The Cursed. Click here to read more about the setting from Heather herself — and keep reading below for a chance to win a copy!

A haunted house in Key West 

Hannah O’Brien, who grew up in the house and now runs it as a B and B, has always had a special ability to see a pair of resident ghosts. But when a man is murdered in the alley behind her place, she’s dismayed when his spirit appears, too, asking for help.

FBI agent Dallas Samson has a passionate interest in the murder, since the victim’s a colleague whose death is connected to the smuggling ring known as Los Lobos—the wolves. Now Dallas is even more committed to chasing them down….

Unaware that Dallas has certain abilities of his own, Hannah calls her cousin Kelsey O’Brien, a member of the FBI’s Krewe of Hunters, an elite unit of paranormal investigators. The present-day case is linked to a historical mystery involving salvagers, a curse and a sunken ship. Danger and desire bring Hannah and Dallas together, but to survive, they have to solve the mysteries of the past—and stay alive long enough to solve the crimes of the present!

Giveaway: To enter to win a copy of The Cursed, just leave a comment below answering this question: Do you believe in ghosts?

Open to residents of the US and Canada (excluding PQ). Contest closes June 26 at 11:59pm. One winner will be randomly drawn from all eligible comments and announced on June 27. For full contest rules, click here.

UPDATE: the contest is now closed. Congratulations to the winner, sherry gladden!

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29 Responses to Giveaway: Win THE CURSED by Heather Graham

  1. Just not sure if ghosts arevrealborvhot,

  2. I do believe, though I’ve not had any personal encounters. Shakespeare said it best: “There are more things in heaven and earth, … Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” (Hamlet (1.5.167-8))

  3. I don’t believe in ghosts, but I like reading about them. I’ve read other Krewe of Hunters books, and enjoyed them immensely.

  4. Susan T.

    I do believe that there is more to the world than we can see. I like to think that our dead loved ones can check in on us once in a while!

  5. nah… don’t believe in ghosts irl but I do enjoy reading a bout them 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway!

  6. Yes, I believe in ghosts. My father used to own a big house, and one of the families that rented there had a grandfather that was very rich. Every night he would open his big metal box where he kept old gold coins, and would look at them and then drop it to get another one. The family could not get in the box because he had a secret hiding place.
    When he died, the family looked all over the apartment and could not find the box. Since then every night the ghost of the grandfather would appear in that apartment. The treasure was never found.

  7. Yes I believe in ghosts. My family and I used to own a nice house and late at night when we were all sleeping we heard like the dresser drawers open and close really fast and I also heard a girl say help me when I was brushing my teeth. It was so scary!

  8. Yes I do.I watch Ghost Adventures and have a list of haunted places I want to go.Some of the top ones are Villisca Axe Murder House,Letchworth Villiage,and the St.James Hotel in NM.They have a room locked up because of a ghost that attacks people.I can’t wait to visit these places.I will NOT got Bob Maci’s Music World.I am terrified of that place just from watching Ghost Adventures.

  9. I do believe in ghosts. I’ve never (knowingly) experienced them but am always looking for a chance to run into one!

  10. I’m pretty sure I believe in ghosts. I even had a weird experience of my own years ago.

  11. I do believe in ghosts though I’ve never accounted one. I love reading about them and have numerous books about sightings. Can’t wait to travel to some of the places I’ve read about or seen on Ghost Adventures.

  12. Lauren Bucci

    Absolutely! My cousin recently passed and he has definitely let me know he is still around

  13. Jo Edwards

    Absolutely!! I have had personal experiences, including two full body apparitions,(my Mom and a friend that was murdered). Felt like I was being stabbed in the stomach, while at Alcatraz. And I do actual ghost hunting with a few Paranormal groups in the area.

  14. Donna Martin

    I do believe. After we moved into a mobile home I heard my 3 year old son talking to someone in his bedroom. I went in and asked him who he was talking to and he said “The ghost who lives in the closet mommy”. A friend came to visit a few weeks later and told us the home had burned and a man had died in the fire and was still there. I asked the landlord if the home had burned and he admitted it. After that we noticed things were being moved around and could hear footsteps coming up the hall with no one there. The day we moved out the kitchen ceiling fell in on the kitchen table and all the burned timbers were up there. I guess he didn’t want us to leave.

  15. sherry gladden

    I believe. My daughter who was 8 or 9 at the time, came running into our bedroom screaming that there was a man sitting on her bed. He told her that my husband needed to find the ring. After several nights of taking her back to her bed & letting her sleep with us, he told her to tell her dad that it was his dead brother Ross, who had died in a tragic car accident at the age of 17, leaving behind a wife & 2 kids. My husband went to his old house, searched the attic & found Ross’s wife’s wedding ring. Yes, I believe.

  16. Not only do i believe in ghosts but I’ve actually seen one, a full bodied apparition.

  17. Sherry Berro

    Yes I do believe in ghosts. Sometimes you have to have faith! That is why I read all the Krewe books.

  18. Sandy N.

    I do, especially after watching paranormal movies/tv shows.

  19. Trudi Wells

    Your books make me believe while I am reading them but when I am finished, not so much.

  20. Jennifer Olivas

    I do believe in ghosts. I have had experiences with them my entire life.

  21. I absolutely believe in ghosts! Ive had a couple different paranormal experiences. One when I lived in a 150 year old garmhouse my husband and I renovated and one after my mom passed away. Maybe thats one reason Heather Graham is my favorite author! She incorporates helpful and amazing ghost characters in her books as well as history which is another passion of mine.

  22. Colleen C.

    I have not seen one personally, but I do believe! Odd things have happened through the years… things disappear and show up later in really weird places… my animals stare at certain locations in the house…

  23. I don’t just believe in ghosts I know for a fact they exist I have seen one of my mother. she walked thru the wall of my apt in NYC when she passed away in south jersey. Talk about a life altering experience. I wish i wasnt so scared when it happened and i would have tried to say goodbye. 🙁

  24. Patricia Aman

    I know for a FACT there are ghosts! I’ve been scared by, grabbed by and surprised by ghosts! 🙂

  25. Karen Parker

    I believe in ghosts, always have. Our daughters home is haunted and I use to have a friend whose house was haunted by a ghost named Polly.

  26. Yes I do.
    I am a medium and have been since I was a child. I was blessed to watch my mother-in-law’s spirit rise above her body and leave with peace.
    I’ve lived in a haunted house, worked in a hospital, was part of a ghost hunting group, volunteered in a haunted theatre and have said good bye to my aunt and grandparents.

  27. Gwen Schmidley

    Oh yes I do, they are all around us.
    Remnants of the past, I believe that they watch over us.

  28. The giveaway is now closed the lucky winner of THE CURSE is — sherry gladden! Please check your email for a message from me.
    ~Amy from Harlequin

  29. Yes I do believe in ghost!!