Grave Discoveries from The Reapers series

by Lisa Medley, author of Reap & Repent

Cemeteries are integral to the characters of Reap & Repent who spend a lot of time traveling to, from, and through them. All of the cemeteries in The Reapers were inspired by real-life cemeteries near my own hometown. Here are a few fictionalized places you’ll be visiting in The Reapers. Click on the links to travel to the real places and explore at your peril!


Good Springs Cemetery- outside Huntsbury – rural cemetery two miles from Ruth’s home.

from Reap & Repent:

He lingered longer than necessary in the window and for a second, she thought he was going to kiss her again. After a moment’s hesitation, he turned and walked through the Good Springs archway. He didn’t even look back as he grabbed hold of the first headstone he came to and swirled and shimmered in a mini tornado until poof, he was gone. Just like that.

Ruth rolled up her window and locked the doors. All of them. She was not ashamed to admit that she was more than a little scared. As far as she could tell at the moment, there wasn’t anything to actually be scared of in her immediate vicinity.

It’s the things you can’t see.

She backed her big-ass car out of the cemetery and headed into town with the radio blasting so that she couldn’t think too much.

Panther Valley Cemetery – where Ruth’s parents are buried.

from Reap & Repent:

Panther Valley Cemetery is an old and rural cemetery in Steele County, Arkansas. Hundreds of similar cemeteries dotted the state. Since it was a week before Memorial Day, the grounds were neat and clipped. The headstones had been trimmed by the volunteer caretaker. The grounds were empty as they pulled up and through the gate. The entire area was bucolic with the rolling green hills, waist deep with the first growth of fescue of the year. A lush green line of trees demarked Panther Creek as it trickled through the bottom land.

East Lawn Cemetery, Meridian: - outskirts of Meridian

from Reap & Repent:

reapandrepentEast Lawn Cemetery was another one of the larger cemeteries in town but at least it was off the main streets. The cemetery covered more than eight acres. The street lights were far enough away that the numerous trees made it almost impossible to navigate until their eyes adjusted. One by one, the white headstones appeared out of the darkness like blooming moon flowers.

Maple Park Cemetery, Meridian - near downtown.

from Reap & Repent:

They landed in Maple Park Cemetery next, which was tiny in comparison but much darker. With no visible street traffic, they had about zero chance of being spotted as they made their way through the grounds, which was a relief. The entire cemetery covered a couple of wooded acres. It didn’t take long to find the next candidate: Evelyn Opal Carson, aged eighty-seven.  

If you enjoy finding where the bodies are buried, you can read more about my travels through cemeteries at GRAVE DISCOVERIES, where I post each Monday.

Have you ever visited a location mentioned in a book so that you could relive the experience?

About Reap & Repent:

Dean recognizes Ruth for what she is: a fellow soul reaper. Their chance meeting sparks an undeniable attraction—and it draws the attention of an ancient evil that would destroy them both.

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11 Responses to Grave Discoveries from The Reapers series

  1. Lisa is an outstanding writer and I have enjoy reading about the reapers in her book. Everyone should check this new auther out!

  2. I love cemeteries. You never know what you’ll find in them, from really strange to down-right heartbreaking. Your photos from your cemetery visits are fantastic. Never stop posting those!

  3. I love cemeteries. Our family travel in a pack from cemetery to cemetery every year on Memorial day visiting the graves of our deceased family. There’s usually about 15 of us and it’s a great time. Memories are made as well as retold.

  4. Have you always been interested in cemeteries, or did you start researching/visiting when you began writing the reaper series?

  5. Willy Robbins

    Just finished Reap and Repent. Very good book to introduce a novice to the genre…paranormal romance. I am hooked on Deacon and Ruth…however, I am crushing on Nate.

  6. Very clever and sexy. Can’t wait for #2.

  7. I love your cemetery pictures. When I was trying to lose weight, I would walk in one near work. So quiet and peaceful. Love your book!

  8. debra andrews

    Love old cemeteries…thank you Lisa!

  9. I use to live next to an old cemetery as a kid. It was filled with huge old trees and a small creek ran along one side of it. Instead of today’s simple stones it was filled with statues and different shaped stones. I enjoyed the quiet that always seemed to fill the space.
    Looking forward to reading your book.

  10. Thanks for all the comments, everyone! Honestly, I never saw the appeal in cemeteries until I started thinking about this series. Now I’m HOOKED! I can’t pass by a cemetery with interesting character without checking it out! Don’t worry, lots and lots of Grave Discoveries posts to come each Monday at Thanks for reading!

  11. I love cemeteries too – so many stories just waiting to be told. Looking forward to reading more Reapers!

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