What’s Your Fantasy?

by Patti O’Shea, author of Games of Desire (Harlequin Nocturne Cravings, June 2014)

Chloe’s always been the responsible one, the sensible one, the one thinks things through before taking action—the one who rescues her younger sister from whatever trouble she’s gotten into this time. But Chloe has a fantasy. She wants to do something crazy. Just once.

And she knows just who she wants to be impulsive with—he’s six foot three, has dark hair, and dimples. Marax also happens to be a demon. A smart wizard would stay far, far away from him.

Of course, we all know that Chloe isn’t going to listen to her common sense—there wouldn’t be a story if she did—but Games of Desire ended up being about a little bit more than a demon and a wizard hooking up in a nightclub.

Part of the story is about family. About love, and loyalty, and when is helping someone actually a hindrance? Chloe has never considered that racing to bail her sister out of her scrapes might be hurting her, but over the course of the story, she begins to see that she’s enabling behavior that might one day get her sister exiled from their group of wizards.

There’s also a thread about Chloe learning to be true to who she is and not try to live her life to fit others’ expectations of who she should be. It starts in the club when she decides to be impulsive, but continues through the story. I didn’t expect this element, but then my characters always veer off in unexpected directions.

But Games of Desire is also about secret fantasies—so secret, even the person herself has no idea they exist. Chloe starts out believing her fantasy is to be impulsive. Then she believes it’s about letting go of her control. It turns out what she really wants is to be bad.

It takes her time to realize this and then she has to trust Marax in order to share what she wants with him, but once she does, he’s more than willing to give her anything she needs. Even if that something isn’t his particular kink.

My fantasy isn’t as um…intense as Chloe’s and it’s certainly not a secret, but I’ve always dreamed of being able to do nothing except write stories all day. What’s your fantasy?

About the Book:

The union between a wizard and a demon is impossible. It’s also undeniable.

Chloe has always been there to clean up after her little sister—a wizard who doesn’t use her powers responsibly. But when she must search for her wayward sister after another prank gone terribly awry, Chloe finds a demon instead—a demon with taut muscles, irresistible dimples and eyes burning with desire. Ever the good girl, Chloe tries to ignore him, but the mere sight of this demon undoes her.

Marax is searching for Chloe’s sister, too. Just like Chloe, he’s driven by duty. And, just like Chloe, he can’t resist the fiery attraction that burns between them.

When Chloe and Marax give in to one night of passion, they find themselves bound in ways they never could have imagined—and battling a demon more powerful than anything they imagined….

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2 Responses to What’s Your Fantasy?

  1. Barbara Elness

    My fantasy is being able to read books all day long. So when our fantasies come true, you write ‘em and I’ll read ‘em. :D

  2. Barbara, it sounds as if we’re in perfect sync! I’ll be more than happy to write them if you’re happy to read them. :-)

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