Rekindled Love, by Kait Ballenger

by Kait Ballenger, author of Immortal Hunter (Harlequin HQN, April 2014)

When Amy asked me to write a post on reunions and overcoming heartbreak to try again, I knew this was going to be an easy post. After all, reunions and reunited love is the main theme of my latest Harlequin HQN release, Immortal Hunter, book two in my Execution Underground paranormal romance series. In Immortal Hunter, demon exorcist David Aronowitz must work side by side his ex-fiance, half-Fae Allsún O’Hare, in order to catch a nasty demon murdering innocent victims in Rochester NY. After five years of separation and plenty of heartache and resentment between them, the two must reconcile in order to catch the killer and find their happily ever after.

Since the vast majority of romances are focused on first loves, I thought I’d write a short list of what a reader can expect from my characters’ story of rekindled love. So here are the top three things you can expect from Immortal Hunter’s rekindled love story:

1. Believable Romance: The great thing about writing about characters who have been in love once before is that it’s more believable when they fall in love again. Rather than a hero and heroine who fall in love within a matter of days or weeks, David and Allsún in Immortal Hunter have had years to learn all of each other’s features and flaws, which makes their love all the more real. And what reader doesn’t love to fall into a believable story? ;-)

2. Rich Back-story: Characters who have been in love before offer a rich history that the reader can enjoy. Past triumphs and hurts can be explored in a rekindled love novel along with the new emotions between the characters, making it easier for the readers to connect with the protagonists. For example, David and Allsún have been best friends since high school and they were high school sweethearts, which makes their love all the more deep.

3. Hotter romance: When it comes to the bedroom scenes, characters who have already experienced each other before can feel free to be much more wild and adventurous, since they are more comfortable with their partner. And who doesn’t love a spicy romance scene in a dark paranormal romance novel? ;-)

So there you have it, some of the great things you’ll find in rekindled love stories, like Immortal Hunter. I hope you’ll consider giving the Execution Underground a try. How about you? What do you love most about rekindled love stories? Leave your answer in the comments.



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  1. Thane’s Code he lives by is “NO MERCY”, and he is very obsessed by Elin Vale, whom he rescues.

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