Welcome to The Colony, by Cynthia Cooke

by Cynthia Cooke, author of Running with Wolves (Harlequin Nocturne, March 2014)

Welcome to The Colony! I am so excited to be here today to talk about one of my favorite stories–Running With Wolves. This world of wolf shifters is set in the Cascade Mountains where all is not what it seems. In this beautiful and isolated place, shifters, wolf shifters to be exact, have been living, building their lives and hiding from humans and demons alike for as long as any of them can remember. Only now, times are changing. Humans are encroaching and the demons are more blood thirsty than ever before.

Join Shay, who has lived all her life as a human, as she goes through the Change and realizes she’s not human at all. She’s a wolf. And because of her true lineage, next in line to rule the Colony. When Jason shows up on her doorstep, he helps her to understand the changes she’s been going through, and what’s still to come. And though she doesn’t want to believe him, she has no choice when demons arrive hot on his trail. They must make it to the safety of the Colony’s borders, only there will they be safe.

What she didn’t know was Jason wasn’t just sent to help her through her change. He was there to ensure her delivery to the Colony. As soon as she arrives, she quickly becomes a pawn to the elder’s political machinations. Their scheming turns deadly as faction leaders fight for who will rule the Colony and Shay isn’t sure who she can trust. Through it all, she finds her strength, reunites with her family, and discovers her heart.

And falls in love with the most handsome wolf she has ever seen.

Running with Wolves, the first installment in the Colony series has been an absolute joy to write. If you like nature, love wolves, and most of all, love falling in love then this is the story for you. What better place would you expect to find a wolf than under a moonlit sky perched on the towering cliffs of the Cascade Mountains.

Welcome to the Colony where the Wolves run free.

Thank you for joining me today. If you could be a shifter, any shifter, what would you be?

About the Book:

She is the descendant of a powerful bloodline, destined to wed another.

He is a loyal pack member, fated to serve…

Shay Mallory knows nothing of her shifter heritage. The strange auras and voices were only scary stories whispered by her father before he disappeared. What she does know is that something has always been missing in her life.

So when Jason Stratton, a compelling stranger, comes to town, offering her protection and something more, Shay leaps at the chance to know him better. But despite their immediate bond, it is Jason’s duty to deliver Shay untouched to The Colony—and into another man’s bed. Now, with demonic forces circling, the very future of their kind depends on Jason and Shay resisting their growing passion. For Jason possesses something that no other Alpha can ever claim…Shay’s heart.

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2 Responses to Welcome to The Colony, by Cynthia Cooke

  1. Best of luck, Cynthia. Sounds awesome…this from one who loves wolves… xo

  2. Cynthia Cooke

    Thanks, Tanya!

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