Just Add Dragons, by Sharon Ashwood

by Sharon Ashwood, author of Lord Dragon’s Conquest (Harlequin Nocturne Cravings, March 2014)

Sooner or later, I always end up with a case of dragons. No, I don’t mean like hives, but in a packing crate. I keep them on hand. They are endlessly versatile, reliably dramatic, and handy at the office barbeque. After all, nothing cuts through boring chitchat like a forty-foot, firebreathing reptile (and they get a good sear on the Bratwurst, too).

 But when offered the chance to write for Cravings, I was enchanted by the dragonish potential for speaking characters. What hero potential! What alpha cred! Dragon shifters were just the thing to blow away the winter blahs and this winter I think we’ve had a few.

And so it was my hero, Larkan, came to life. Like most of my characters, he sauntered into my mind full-blown and began telling me his story almost before I could grab a pen and start making notes. And he didn’t just tell me his life story, he brought an entire society, history, and mythology along for good measure. The dragons turned out to be far more than I expected—and intriguingly so. I began thinking in terms of a hero, and ended up with an entire fairy tale stuffed with vengeful queens, hidden worlds, and ancient prophecies.

This discovery is something I have in common with my heroine, Keltie. She’s an archaeologist who starts out looking for signs of an old settlement and ends up with the adventure of a lifetime, and she’s the kind of girl who deserved it. She’s no princess but a hard worker and a supervisor who really needs to be roasted.

I got the germ of the idea for this story when I was walking on Gabriola Island and came across some ancient petroglyphs. They look like nothing more than extra-permanent graffiti to my untutored eyes, but obviously they’re more—or so we think.  Scholars do their best to interpret these messages handed down through time, but do we really know what they mean?  Could they be the key to something entirely unexpected? What do we really know about the people who created them? The truth might be more magnificent than anything we ever dreamed and, as a writer, my imagination is off and running in seconds.

I hope you will be as intrigued by Keltie’s discoveries as I was. After all, Larkan is top of the list and how could a literally hot hero be anything but good news?

If you had a dragon, what would you do with it?

 About the Book

When archaeologist Keltie Clarke comes across a stunningly strange cave painting during a dig in the Rocky Mountains, she realizes that it’s a find that could make her career. But she doesn’t know what to make of the man who surprises her as she considers her find….

Larkan is surprised, too. He’s a shapeshifter, trained to protect his dragon kin from the outside world. But Keltie is…different. She’s a warrior, just like him. And even though it’s his role to mate with the dragon queen, Lacan’s desire for Keltie provokes a battle between his love and his sovereign lady. What none of them knows is that Keltie is the only one who can see a new future for the dragon tribe.

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2 Responses to Just Add Dragons, by Sharon Ashwood

  1. Sharon
    Your dragon world sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to dip into it.

  2. Wow- first let me say that cover seriously rocks.

    I’ve only read a few books dragon orientated, so this was interesting to me. Love the name Larken.

    If I had a dragon…uh…I have no idea what I’d do with it. Giggles.

    Decadent Kane (blog)

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