10 Reasons Why it You Don’t Want to Be Werewolf

by Saranna DeWylde, author of Claimed by the Wolf (Harlequin Nocturne Cravings, February 2014)

To celebrate the release of the last of the werewolf zombie trilogy, Claimed by the Wolf, I give you 10 reasons why it you don’t want to be werewolf.

  1. All the time and money for laser hair removal.
  2. Flea baths
  3. You’d chew up your own Jimmy Choos.
  4. Staying up to date on your shots. Rabies shots are no fun.
  5. Needing to be told you really are a “good girl.” Some guys just take that and run with it.
  6. Shedding
  7. Unreasonable excitement about getting the paper.
  8. The looks you get trying on collars in PetSmart
  9. Wet dog smell right out of the shower
  10. Worst of all, you’ve already got one cycle to worry about. Who needs two?

 Claimed by the Wolf:

 Gyspy prince Stefan Zolinski has been raised to hunt down and eliminate werewolves like the one that killed his mother. So he’s faced with an impossible choice when the woman he loves becomes one….

Infected by a virus she was working to eradicate, Dr. Bethany Andreas accepts the beast within her—but she can’t accept the betrayal of the man she planned to marry. Yet the passion that still burns between them does not lie: Stefan is Bethany’s one true mate. And only by completing their bond can they hope to save the world.…


She sighed and turned to the other wolf. “Go. You don’t need to die here.”

Beth had already resigned herself to death once; maybe he was just now catching up with her.

The other wolf looked at her, head cocked to the side. “We stand with you.”

“Take my men,” Stefan croaked, and then called the order to stand down.

Beth nodded to the wolf and watched as they bounded away with their passengers. She knew she’d done a good thing. She’d been unable to stop or cure the infection, but saving those lives would have to do.

“What are you doing, Beth?” he asked, sounding tired and dejected.

“Staying with you.”

“Go. You can still make it.” He narrowed his eyes at her.

She shook her head. “No. I can’t. Wolves mate for life. You were my mate when I was turned. You still are. I couldn’t leave you here if I wanted to.”

“But it was a lie.” Incredulity stained his words.

She snarled and pushed at his shoulders with no care for his silver or his weapons. “Don’t you think that’s obvious? I may have been stupid enough to fall in love with a pretty mirage, but I can see the writing on the wall. If I could leave you here, I would, you bastard. It’s what you deserve. I don’t want to die!” she cried and shoved at his shoulders again. “I had dreams, and just because you’re not part of them anymore doesn’t mean they’re gone. I still want a home, a family. I want to help people. I could still have that. But no, you’d rather stay here and rot instead of accepting help from something you hate. The animal doesn’t understand betrayal. It doesn’t understand lying. The human part of me wants to hate you, but the beast won’t let it.” Fear choked her as the roaring of the jet reverberated ever louder in her ears. “So thanks for making that choice for me, too.”

“That’s ironic as hell, isn’t it?” he asked gently.

“Because you kill them? Things like me?”


“That’s not irony.”

“Then what is it?” His dark eyes searched her face as if he actually didn’t understand.

Tears streamed down her face as a million memories crashed over her in a tsunami. Her first chemistry set, her doctorate, the night when she’d met him. The way he’d touched her, the first time he’d told her he loved her. When he asked her to marry him. It was nothing now—just like her. In about one minute there’d be nothing left of them but ash. None of it mattered. What she wanted, what she’d hoped, even his betrayal. In the endless ocean of time, she was nothing more than a molecule.

“Over.” She shrugged as the F-16 entered the airspace above them and dropped its payload.

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  1. Oooh I love this book! I just can’t get enough of Saranna’s books! Konstantin is just yummy!

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