Who Doesn’t like a Good Sex Dream? by Barbara Monajem + Giveaway

by Barbara Monajem, author of Under a New Year’s Enchantment (Harlequin Historical Undone, January 2014)

Who doesn’t like a good sex dream?

I assume most people do, but two of my characters disagreed.

A few months ago I blogged here about my novella Under a Christmas Spell, persuading all and sundry (I hope) that incubi and succubi aren’t really demons, but gifted people who send erotic dreams. (I may be all wrong―no incubus has come to let me know one way or the other, alas.)

In Under a Christmas Spell, an incubus and succubus, former lovers, find each other again at a Christmas house party.  Once they have sorted out their own love life, they decide to pick on, um, help another couple.

A very reluctant couple. Sometimes people just don’t want to think about sex, or love, or anything romantic. (For avid romance readers, this may be hard to believe, but I swear it’s true.) Garrick and Theodora, the hero and heroine of my new novella, Under a New Year’s Enchantment, are both in very unromantic moods—or at least until their sexily gifted friends take a hand.

“You cannot fool me,” says Lucille, the succubus, to Theodora. “You want it so badly that you cannot even say it.” (I hope I don’t have to define what she means by ‘it’.)

And Valiant, the incubus, tells his friend Garrick, “Like every unmarried lady, she’s a volcano of unsatisfied desires―hot and smoking and ready to erupt.” (Whew! So true.)

But it can take a lot of persuading, not to mention trickery and some very sexy dreams, to get a reluctant couple together. I had fun sorting out their relationship, and I got to write about other fun stuff, too, such as Roman ruins and Twelfth Night celebrations.

I would love to give a free download of Under a New Year’s Enchantment to someone who comments here…  Hmm. I guess we need a question or two now. Here are some—take your pick or make up a question of your own. Do you do anything special for New Year’s? (Apart from partying and watching the ball drop. Something different.) How about for Epiphany/Twelfth Night? Have you ever visited any Roman ruins? Would you like an incubus to mess with your love life?

About the Book:

Hampshire, 1816

Garrick, Lord Westerly, has forbidden the hanging of mistletoe, yet the holiday house party at his country estate sizzles with sensual desire. And though Theodora Southern decided long ago never to marry, she has been enjoying the erotic fantasies that haunt her each night—fantasies featuring her handsome, brooding host….

Since returning from the war, Garrick has been in no mood to celebrate. But suddenly the nightmares that plague him are making way for much more pleasant dreams—dreams in which his childhood friend Theodora is very much a grown woman. The question is, has he fallen in love—or fallen under a wicked spell?

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14 Responses to Who Doesn’t like a Good Sex Dream? by Barbara Monajem + Giveaway

  1. Whew. Just reading this has me fanning myself. :) Best of luck with the new release, Barbara.

  2. Fun idea! Brings all sorts of dreams to mine :)

  3. Oh, oh, I want this book! It sounds like SO much fun!

    Well, since I learned Spanish from a Scottish professor WAY back when, I have continued the tradition of eating the 12 grapes at New Year. I am not in the least Spanish, but it’s fun and I like making the wishes. And, no, I would not want an incubus to mess with my dreams. I sound a bit like your characters, don’t I?

    Anyway, sounds like a great book! Wishing you huge sales!

  4. Hi, Barb — Fans should be automatically distributed to romance readers these days.

    Hi, Gina — Yeah, good dreams for sure.

    Hi, Lani — I’d never heard of the 12 grapes thingy until now. I would have to plan ahead of time to think up enough useful wishes! (And no, I probably wouldn’t wish for an incubus either, sigh.)

  5. I was in Rome for about 17 hours on an transit flight. This was when I was 20 years old. I stayed at a hotel, but wanted to see a little bit of Rome so started walking. Saw the Colosseum, but lost my way back to the hotel. The streets are all so small and look all the same. What a nightmare! I walked for hours and hours.

  6. I love that book!! Tweeted and shared on FB!

  7. Hi, Eileen — Wow, that sounds like quite a trip. We visited a small city in Italy a few years ago and I kept getting turned around there — I imagine Rome would be much, much worse.

    Hi, Ella — Thanks so much!

  8. celebrated it with friends

  9. Hi, bn100. Your New Year’s was more exciting than mine. I went to bed early and slept right through it. :)

  10. Linda Thum

    “hot and smoking and ready to erupt” gosh I love that! LOL.

    I wouldn’t want an incubus to mess with my love live but incite it…well that’s something else entirely :)

  11. Hi, Linda — LOL. If only we could control the extent of incubus involvement… :)

  12. Natasha Donohoo

    I don’t really do anything for New Year’s, usually just stay at home.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Hi, Natasha. Usually I stay home, too — the safest place. During my childhood, we used to go onto the porch and bang pots and pans at midnight. That was a ton of fun!

  14. Hi everyone,

    The giveaway is now closed — thanks to all for commenting and congratulations to Eileen, who was drawn as the lucky winner! Please check your email for a message from Barbara soon.

    ~Amy from Harlequin

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