October is Harlequin Nocturne Spotlight Month!

By Ann Leslie Tuttle, Senior Editorclaimed-by-the-demon

If you are looking for larger-than-life characters battling matters of life and death in a world that seems downright surreal, you need look no further than Harlequin Nocturne. Each month, Nocturne publishes two contemporary paranormal romance titles, ranging in length from 80 to 85,000 words. These are fast-paced, action-oriented, sexy titles featuring vulnerable yet brave heroines and heroes to die for—especially since that’s usually part of the job description when you fall for one of these immortals!

With the nights getting longer and creepier as Halloween approaches, we’ve got the perfect lineup to round out an exciting year for the line that began with a cover redesign. Doranna Durgin’s October release, CLAIMED BY THE DEMON, features a tortured hero controlled by a demon blade. In OUT OF THE NIGHT by Trish Milburn, a diner owner and a vampire copchristmas-in-salem find love in post-pandemic Manhattan.

outofthenightIn November, Heather Graham headlines THE KEEPERS: CHRISTMAS IN SALEM along with Deborah LeBlanc, Kathleen Pickering and Beth Ciotta. In this holiday anthology, Christmas is coming to Salem, but four powerful Keepers must save their community as a strange, eternal night creeps over the town. A mermaid must choose between protecting her race from mankind and helping a small-town cop catch a serial killer when she witnesses the murderer dumping a body in the water in Debbie Herbert’s SIREN’S SECRET.

dark wolf runningRhyannon Byrd heats up December with another Bloodrunners title. Passion and secrets collide in DARK WOLF RUNNING when a very Alpha Male decides he’ll do whatever it takes to claim the woman whose made his sleepless nights a living hell. NYT bestselling author Susan Krinard closes out this exciting year with NIGHTMASTER in which an undercover agent gives herself to a powerful bloodmaster to keep the fragile peace between humans and vampires.





Discussion Questions:

  1. What is your favorite type of paranormal hero?
  2. What setting do you like best in a Nocturne? A recognizable location in the U.S.? Or a city in a post-pandemic world?
  3. How hot do you like your Nocturne romances to be and why?

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  1. Looks like I’ve got a lot to add to my reading list. 😉