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In Through the Zombie Glass, Alice Bell and her zombie-slaying friends face off with Anima Industries and a threat they can’t possibly prepare for—the dark side of Ali herself.  Get ready for the hottest blog tour online as Ali’s BFF Kat introduces you to the White Rabbit Chronicles, and Harlequin TEEN and Gena Showalter send you on a hunt for the white rabbit!

Dear everyone,

Welcome to the dark, creepy world of Zombieland, where zombies stalk the night. But these aren’t your average zombies interested in noshing on your blood and brains.  These nasty biomists—biological mistakes—want your heart and soul.  They are hungry, mindless spirits…and it totally sucks, because, like me, most of the population can’t see them, making sneak attacks too danged easy.

In Birmingham, Alabama, a kick-A team of elite (and seriously sexy) slayers are, like, the only thing standing between humans and the zombiepocalypse.  Or maybe a better word for it is…zombienado?  Whatever!  These slayers hunt the enemy…they battle…they kill…(record scratch)

They go to high school?

Dude!  Check it: they totally do.  But they aren’t your average high school douchers, so don’t let their young age scare you.  Not that they’re, like, craptastically young or anything—they’re my age, in case you’re wondering, and I’m kind of perfect.  (Just ask anyone.  No, seriously.  Ask.)  Besides, when the zombies awaken, you’ve got enough to worry about.

Anyway.  I digress.  Yesterday, I asked my closest friends/fan boys and girls what they consider their top Must Have in Zombieland.  Here’s what they had to say:

Frosty, the best and worst boyfriend in the history of ever:  A naughty little Kitty-Kat to patch up my wounds.

Ali Roundhouse Kick To The Face Bell:  Blood Lines.  This miracle mixture of chemicals puts a “Not Welcome, Creep!” rug on your porch, preventing the zombies from ghosting through your door and coming inside for a one on one freak-fest.

Cole Mega Hottie And One Bad Mofo Holland:  A mini-crossbow. You can nail your targeted Z from a distance, and then, while the creature is distracted by the arrow, rush in to deliver the deathblow.

Bronx, the guy that makes monsters hide in their closets:  Daggers, for up-close and personal grab and stabs.  All the cool slayers are doing it.

I know what you’re thinking.  Frosty’s answer is the BEST.  I’d have to concur.

So, anyway, there you have it, the necessary tools for surviving Zombieland.  I hope you’ll read our story, Through the Zombie Glass.  It’s only, like, freakishly awesome.  Not that I’m biased.  And, okay, yeah, it would have been better if it had been told from my point of view, but whateves.  In it, you’ll get to dig into the thoughts of my bestie Ali as she fights the Z’s, learns cool new slayer tricks, and dances with a dark side she never knew she had.  Plus, there’s romance galore, with steamy hookups and world-shattering heartbreaks, and weird-A mirrors that come to startling life.  It’s promises to be a fiendishly good time—and you’re invited!

Well, I better go.  Frosty is banging on my bedroom window.  He says I have to let him in, or he’ll plummet to the ground and break his spine.  (I’m 50/50.)

Until next time,

Kat Mad Dog Parker

 * * *

 Look_B“Look for the White Rabbit Contest”: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, the white Rabbit will appear on a different blog and stays there for 48hrs. Once you have found the Rabbit, click on it and you will be directed to a Rafflecopter entry form for the Grand Prize Giveaway, pictured left! To enter, you must answer the daily question found at the Tour Stop!!!

Where could the Rabbit appear?  It could be on any of the book tour host blogs listed below, so now go and hunt the Rabbit. Will you find it?

Here is your question if you successfully hunt it down…

 What would be your Must-Have for Zombieland?

 * * *

 Giveaway! One lucky winner can win either a paperback copy of Alice in Zombieland (book 1 of the White Rabbit Chronicles) or a hardcover of Through the Zombie Glass (book 2) by Gena Showalter, right here on the blog! To enter the giveaway, leave a comment with your answer to the daily tour stop question above.

Contest closes Sept. 15 at 11:59pm EST. One winner will be selected from eligible entries by random number draw and announced here on Sept. 16. Open to residents of US/Canada. For full giveaway rules, click here.

Good luck!

 * * *

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69 Responses to Blog Tour: Prepare to go Through the Zombie Glass…

  1. I found the rabbit! Can’t wait to search again tomorrow!

  2. A naughty little Kitty-Kat to patch up my wounds.

  3. Sharon Goddard

    I’d have to have the blood lines. Keep them out so I can rest

  4. Found em’! I wonder where he’ll be tomorrow…

  5. Cole would be my must have 😉

  6. Ashley Burton

    Found the rabbit! My must have would be a machete and my Tony!

  7. Caraline DeWitt

    My must have would be bloodlines as well, got to keep my loved ones protected from the zombies.

  8. Definitely a crossbow

  9. Erica Boyd

    I would have to go with Cole Mega Hottie And One Bad Mofo Holland with the crossbow

  10. I would pack up my camera… I can only imagine the sights I would see!

  11. alicia marie

    I love looking for the white rabbit! and I would definitely have to have some kind of weapon!

  12. I would have Ali and Cole to help me slay the zombies and Kat to make me happy and help me cause mischief

  13. I’ve never read the books so I’m not sure what I would bring, but I would love to win the book so I can find out in the future what I would bring 😉

  14. Found the rabbit!!! My must would be bloodlines. Wouldn’t want a zombie appearing while I’m trying to relax in my Jacuzzi after a hard day work of zombie fighting.

  15. I’d have to pick a machete! Thanks! Dying to read this sequel! Loved the first book!

  16. I’d use a hatchet or machete cause I’m kind of little.

  17. There’s many things, but I’ll have to go with an iPod and a sword. Gotta have something to listen to while I’m out hacking zombies into pieces!

  18. It’s a toss up between a mini crossbow and daggers. I like the idea of an up close kill but the security of a long distance weapon.

  19. My must have: Cole (:

  20. Jessica Russell

    A crossbow sounds pretty handy!

  21. My Must-Have for Zombieland…hummm…I would have to say a shotgun with plenty of ammo.

  22. Josette Schaber

    My friends. Can’t go anywhere without them 😉

  23. A Sword for sure.

  24. Definitely gotta have a crossbow!!

  25. Found that rascally rabbit! I would give $20 to find out what happens next! (Because that’s how much I’d pay for the book! 😉

  26. My must have would be a pair of Daggers and a hot guy to keep my company!

  27. *me* and I found the White Rabbit and as to what I would give to find out what happens next, do you take right arms? 😉

  28. What I would give? Um…a smiling cat? 🙂

  29. a sword

  30. give chocolate

  31. Can I have blood lines and a dagger? 🙂

  32. Found the white rabbit. What would I give to find out what happens next? Food

  33. Ellen Trieu

    A Crossbow, just like Daryl from Walking Dead! Something deadly but silent so we don’t track any walkers (;

  34. See the rabbit…hee…my must have is a plethora of books…so all I need to know and entertain is in them 🙂

  35. Bloodlines for sure.

  36. My must have would be a crossbow!

  37. I would have to have Cole in Zombieland.

  38. a machete or something just as badass

  39. It would be a cross bow to shoot down zombies from the distance. I need the bloodlines if I have any chance of surviving the zombies.

  40. LadyVampire

    I think I would want either a master swordsman with me or a big flame-thrower with an unlimited fuel supply. 😉

  41. I would have army boots or something similar, a good set of knives or swords for protection and a crossbow for the long range zombies.

  42. Shotgun!!

  43. Merisha Abbott

    hubby and bow

  44. Crossbow and a hot guy to keep me company so I don`t go insane !

  45. Knives and Cole…

  46. Since I don’t think Alice would want to share Cole, I’d have to choose a crossbow as my must-have. 😉

  47. Mack Black

    My must-have for Zombieland would be a machete. Cole would be nice, but a girl has to learn to protect herself – the sexy boyfriend can come as backup 😉

  48. My must have would be a pair of daggers. I have to be able to protect myself 🙂

  49. whitewolfreads

    Kick-Ass shoes, probably a nice pair of boots. And I can’t forget a handy dandy shotgun. Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. My must have to zombie land is a katana blade and a sidekick to watch my back.

  51. My blankie

  52. Chelsea B.

    Someone to hide behind!

  53. Nancy L.R.

    Can I have Cole? Is that an option? If not, a dagger!

  54. I would have to have a katana, but a bow and arrow might me useful as well.

  55. A Machete! Guns would attract to many zombles!

  56. I would bring someone who actually knows what they’re doing. *cough cough Cole* 😉

  57. I would have to say knives for up-close kills, a crossbow for the far-away shots and a partner to watch my back.

  58. I’m torn between my must-have being something to kill the zombies with or a place to hide from them and wait until it’s all over. Zombies terrify me.

  59. Weapons, tons of weapons.

  60. Holy water and a flamethrower.

  61. My brain! Ha! I kid, I kid. But, no. Really. I’d like to keep my brain, please.

  62. Tiffany Rarrick

    My must have would be Ali and a shotgun. I think I could do a lot of damage with both of them!

  63. weapons!

  64. My fiance’ and my weapon collection!

  65. A ballgown so that I would be properly outfitted.

  66. My first thought was that I’d need Cole and Frosty as my must-have. I’m a klutz and suck at fighting. I’d need them to protect my back. Hey, is there a way to bring Katsa from Graceling to Zombieland? She’s graced with fighting/killing. 🙂

  67. I’d take Cole, but hand me the bloody crossbow and I think I could manage without him.

  68. The giveaway is now closed and the lucky winner by random draw is…ANDREA! Please check your email for a message from me.

    Thanks all for reading and commenting! Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Through the Zombie Glass tour for more chances to win 🙂
    ~Amy from Harlequin

  69. ha ha it took me a bit to understand how to find the rabbit but I did today. hooray! I would give a lot of hugs