Giveaway! Enter to Win “Beautiful Danger” by Michele Hauf

by Amy Wilkins, Harlequin Digital

Could Her Sworn Enemy Lead Her Out of Darkness? That’s the premise of Michele Hauf’s latest paranormal romance from Harlequin Nocturne, Beautiful Danger. Intrigued? You could win a copy to read it for FREE! Keep reading to learn more about the book and the giveaway info. And don’t miss Michele’s blog post about Beautiful Danger here.

About Beautiful Danger:

As a member of an ancient order of hunters, Lark has found that eliminating dangerous vampires is about more than duty. It’s personal—a kill for every day her husband was held captive before his death. Staking her prey isn’t a challenge until she confronts Domingos LaRoque. Mad with vengeance and the blood of a powerful phoenix, Domingos tests her skills…and seduces her soul.

Once a talented musician, Domingos can’t escape the constant music in his head…or his need to destroy the werewolf pack that tortured him. Though trusting the hunter ordered to kill him could be his gravest mistake, the dark desires between them can’t be refused. Yet as he and Lark become allies to defeat a mutual threat, loving the enemy may be the ultimate sacrifice.

Giveaway info: Have you ever fallen for someone you shouldn’t? Leave a comment with your answer here to enter to win Beautiful Danger! Contest will close at 11:59pm EST on July 24, and 1 winner will be selected by random number draw and announced on July 25. Open to residents of the United States and Canada only. For full official rules, click here.

UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed. Please check the comments to see who won!

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21 Responses to Giveaway! Enter to Win “Beautiful Danger” by Michele Hauf

  1. Casie B.

    Yes I have.

  2. Richard FM Conlon

    Fell for, fortunately was one mutual attraction, a married woman with three children. Still waiting to enjoy that beautiful electricity, and unspoken understanding, with another.

  3. Richard FM Conlon

    My entry is void. Have, unfortunately, just seen ruling re. entry & that of being resident of USA/Canada; of which I am not. Shame.

  4. Teresa Salvatore

    Absolutely. Fortunately, even though everyone said he was the wrong guy, I married him and it’s 27 years later and we’re still in love and happy!

  5. Teresa L

    Yes, I have.

  6. Absolutely! He never noticed me though and when I finally had the chance to meet him, he was really aloof and disinterested and I felt devestated because I had made him so great in my head. Ahh young love can be painful. Twitter fan@plumerea

  7. No, I haven’t

  8. My first love…who ended up being a world class ass. And that’s putting it nicely. Then I met my husband, and everything was right in the world again.

  9. Yes and I’m paying for it now 🙁 But when life gives you lemons, smash ’em with a hammer and go buy some lemon flavored alcohol! LOL… or cookies…

  10. No I haven’t

  11. I have, thankfully it was in high school and I like to think having a fling with another girl’s boyfriend taught me the shortcomings of caring for someone who isn’t meant to be yours.

  12. Christine L.

    Yes, most recently to someone who had lied about being unattached, and previously for a person who didn’t reveal himself as an abuser until after we wed (now divorced). Apparently I’m better off single!

  13. Does a crush count? I had a huge crush on a guy in college – a real “bad boy.” He invited me to go to Mexico with him, but I declined. I married someone else, and he turned out to be the right one. Still, I sometimes wonder what if I had gone to Mexico?

  14. Of course! I actually married him, we’ve been together for 11 years and have 2 beautiful girls.

  15. Annwitch

    I had a fling with a guy in high school, he had a girlfriend. He ended it which was good, I never told her about it. I still have a bit of guilt.

  16. Sadly yes… My neighbor, he wa really cool, my fam liked him, got along with my brothers. Strung me along only to find out he had a girlfriend.. Ugh, being 13 sucked…

  17. Yes and maybe there’s a reason why I should have never looking back now.

  18. Richard Peterson


  19. Yep, hate to admit but more than once.

  20. I fell for a married man. I hid my feeling for him because the relationship was wrong. Eventually I did leave the company for a better pay and business opportunity.

  21. Apologies for the delay in announcing the winner! The contest is now closed and the winner of BEAUTIFUL DANGER is…elaing! Congratulations — please check your email for a message from me.
    ~Amy from Harlequin