“The Reaper’s Heart”: Free Online Read by Michele Hauf!

by Amy Wilkins, Harlequin Digital

Who doesn’t love a free story — especially one by an author as fabulous as Michele Hauf! Over at Harlequin.com, you can read a free paranormal romance short story by Michele, “The Reaper’s Heart”. The first three chapters are up now, and a new one will be added every Monday. Click here to begin the story, and happy reading!

About “The Reaper’s Heart“:

Every winter solstice, white witch Ananda must steal a beating heart to replenish her power. But years of feeding on other people’s passions have left her hopelessly lovesick—without anyone to love. Ananda knows there’s one heart that can quell these unrequited desires…if she can claim it before her strength runs out.

Half-human, half-demon, Vashon reaps lost souls for a living. He can’t imagine what a witch would want with his black, unfeeling heart. But he’s not about to give in—to Ananda’s beauty, or to her fearsome magic. Vashon is desperate to experience love, and Ananda’s passionate soul is ripe for the reaping.

And don’t forget, Michele has a new Harlequin Nocturne book out this month, too! Look for Beautiful Danger at your favorite book/ebook store, and read Michele’s guest-blog about the book here.

And also check our Harlequin’s Online Read library for more free stories!

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  2. Karen Gruen

    I would like to be able to be on this site to get the information first.