Eternity Cure Posters — Prevent the Spread of Red Lung!

by Amy Wilkins, Harlequin Digital

Your local public health wants you to know the dangers of Red Lung!

What is Red Lung you ask? In Julie Kagawa‘s Blood of Eden series (The Immortal Rules and The Eternity Cure), the Red Lung virus has killed most of the earth’s population, and the survivors now live in a walled city — and under the control of vampires.

MTV’s Hollywood Crush blog got an exclusive look at the New Covington Public Heath Dept.’s posters about Red Lung and other dangers of the post-apocalyptic world of Blood of Eden (hint: the virus is just one thing that could kill you–or worse!). Here’s a peak at one of them!


See all four posters here. Which one is YOUR favorite?

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2 Responses to Eternity Cure Posters — Prevent the Spread of Red Lung!

  1. Margie Hall

    I love “The Wall will keep you safe” poster. I think it is more the lack of concern on the parents part what with the kid leaning over the wall, LoL

  2. Zaki from Malaysia

    I’m planning to make my own paranormal romance set in the future starring of course, a vampire. Any books or references can you recommend learn & research about vampires?