Shapeshifters, Hot Romance, and Even a National Park, by Linda O. Johnston

by Linda O. Johnston, author of Undercover Wolf (Harlequin Nocturne, February 2013)

What would you do if your brother and his brand new wife disappeared on their honeymoon? That’s the premise of my new Harlequin Nocturne Undercover Wolf, the fourth in the Alpha Force mini-series.

The answer seems clear. You’d try to find them, of course–especially if you happen to be Quinn Parran, brother to Simon Parran and new brother-in-law to Grace Andreas Parran. They were the hero and heroine of my third Alpha Force story, Guardian Wolf.

They both happen to be shapeshifters, too–and so is Quinn!

All three are members of Alpha Force, a covert military unit of shapeshifters. So is Sergeant Kristine Norwood, who doesn’t happen to be a shapeshifter, but she was Grace’s aide before and cares about her a lot.

Now, Kristine is Quinn’s aide at least temporarily, while the other Parrans are on their honeymoon. That means she gets to see him shift… and therefore also gets to see the hot and hunky guy without his clothes as well as in wolf form. Attraction? Oh, yeah! And it’s mutual but highly inappropriate.

But then they learn about the disappearance of the honeymooners. Both want to find out what happened and get them back safely.

Imagine, then, a shapeshifting wolf having to go undercover with a non-shifter who happens to know more about Alpha Force than he does, since Kristine has been a member longer than the newly enlisted Quinn.

The newlyweds had gone to Bar Harbor, Maine, for their honeymoon, which is next door to the lovely Acadia National Park. After they’ve disappeared, Kristine and Quinn head there, too, to find them. And what’s the best way for them to get information while undercover? They pretend to be newlyweds, too.

They spend a lot of time together. Stay in the same hotel room. The same bed… Well, you can imagine what happens there!

And even in daytime sparks fly. Their attraction is irresistible. Plus, Quinn spends time prowling Acadia in wolf form as he tries to find out what happened to the missing couple–and Kristine acts as his backup.

Once again, I’ve had a lot of fun writing about Alpha Force and the wonderful elixir that helps the shifters choose when to shift and improves their human consciousness when they do.

Plus, in Undercover Wolf, it’s fun getting the shifting hero and non-shifting heroine working together… undercover and under covers!

And, yes–there are more Alpha Force stories to come.

Author photo by Dan Irvin Photography

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2 Responses to Shapeshifters, Hot Romance, and Even a National Park, by Linda O. Johnston

  1. Many congrats on this release Linda. It sounds great.

  2. I love the premiss and have read four full novel and one short read of the Alpha force. The first two were the best for me. I love the shape shifting aspect, however the romance seems to be trivial in the later books. Lust is great and a real starter–but to develop love there needs to be more. Sex with a kiss, rip, off close and have intercourse is not hot in my opinion after the first time. So if a reader is interested in the supernatural–great read. A little less for the romance.