Why the Chandelier? Michele Hauf on “This Wicked Magic”

by Michele Hauf, author of This Wicked Magic (Harlequin Nocturne, February 2013)

Why the chandelier?  I’m asked that when people take a gander over the gorgeous cover for This Wicked Magic.  It’s beautiful, isn’t it?  Makes you want to crack open the pages and figure out what is going on?  Well, I’ll give you a little hint with the chandelier.

See, the hero, Certainly Jones, is a dark witch who has done a very bad thing.  He did it for a good reason, though.  And it involved a trip to Daemonia, the place of all demons.  On his way back to the mortal realm, Certainly picked up a dozen or so hitchhikers—demons.  Now his life is hell as he struggles to contain them from taking over his very soul.  If one gets the chance, it rises up within Certainly, and can control him, making him do evil things.  He did discover, one day while sitting beneath a massive chandelier, that prismatic light keeps the demons at bay.  Actually allows him to live a relatively normal life.  But he must remain under the light, always.  Thus, the chandeliers.  He’s put them everywhere in his loft.  There are hundreds.  Always twinkling, shining, beaming at him.  Something that must be so gorgeous has become the ugliest thing to him.  So how to get rid of the demons?

That will involve Certainly trusting the pretty, red-haired witch who accidentally chased a demon from him.  But first he has to convince her that he’s worth getting close to.  The demons are not going to make that easy.

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