Robin D. Owens on “Enchanted Ever After”

by Robin D. Owens, author of Enchanted Ever After (part of the Mystic Circle series, Harlequin LUNA)

Enchanted Ever After is the third Mystic Circle book and things are happening in the Denver cul-de-sac!  The additional magic that erupted from the Earth in Enchanted No More has taken a new twist…the magical Lightfolk races shaped a great spell to increase there numbers…and so the magic answered.

Humans can become Lightfolk — those with a potential for magic and with flexible minds and belief systems that will accept magic.

So Jenni Weavers has fashioned a way to help these full humans transform, and a merman, Lathyr Tricurrent can sense such humans.  Naturally a woman who’s recently moved into the cul-de-sac, Kiri Palger, is a prime candidate.

Kiri discovers Magic Is Real, and just as soon as that happens, she discovers that SHE could become a fully magical being – but it’s dangerous, and no one can promise her that she might become, say, an elf.  Instead of trying to turn into a firesprite, which would kill her.

Well, Kiri wanted change, but this much change?  She has a decision to make.  And if she chooses NOT to become magical, those memories that hold the revelation that magic and Lightfolk exist will be erased from her mind.

Would she always FEEL there was an exciting life path that she hadn’t taken?  Do you think you would?

What about you?  What would you decide?  Kiri isn’t close to her family, she does have an extremely close friend, and that factors into her decision.  How would you tell your loved ones you were becoming an elf, or a dwarf, or a merfolk, or djinn?

It’s the magic itself that “decides” what being you transform into, what kind of nature you have, so that’s a risk, too.

Would you chose to transform, or not?

There are four major Lightfolk groups: Elf, Djinn, Merman/Merwoman, Dwarf.
And four minor Lightfolk groups: Airsprite, Firesprite, Naiad/Naiader, Brownie.

Of the four minor folk, transforming into an Airsprite and Firesprite would be fatal because they are so small.

What do you think you’d transform into?  Would it be the same as what you WANTED to transform into?

Those are the questions I wanted to tease your mind and emotions with, as well as having you enjoy all of Kiri’s adventures from Mystic Circle in Denver, to Maroon Lake near Aspen, Colorado, to St. Louis and Louisiana, to the Mariana and Puerto Rico trenches.

In this third book, I really wanted regular people, to be able to become fully magical beings, and that’s what I explore – and Kiri and Lathyr explore in a more physical way – in Enchanted Ever After.  For inspiration, I had that old movie The Last Starfighter, and Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game.

May you enjoy all the worlds you visit today.
Robin D. Owens

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