My Introduction to Science Fantasy, by Karen Duvall

by Karen Duvall, author of “Sun Storm” in ‘Til the World Ends anthology (Harlequin Luna, February 2013)

I’m so excited to have my novella, “Sun Storm”, included in Luna’s new ‘Til the World Ends anthology. I enjoyed the challenge of writing a dystopian story because it forced me to think beyond fantasy fiction and wrap my brain around a little science.

I considered some of the possible scenarios that could bring our planet to its knees. We’ve all heard it countless times in the news: Floods, earthquakes, worldwide famine, nuclear war, asteroids, solar storms… I was especially intrigued by the power of intense solar storms and the damage they’ve already caused over the years. I decided to boost the danger by adding some unlikely magic, and the idea for “Sun Storm” was born.

Most important to me was how this devastating event would affect my characters. When survival is at stake, we turn to those we trust, and we crave the one thing even the ending of the world can’t take away from us: our ability to love. Getting it and keeping it may not be easy in a dangerous world that’s all but destroyed.

In a post-apocalyptic story, characters are put to the test. Will the good guys continue to be good and the bad guys only get worse? When faced with the ultimate test of survival, you can imagine how such a life-changing event might affect people. Good guys may not be so good anymore, and the bad guys could discover a more honorable side to themselves. Communities will be forced to cooperate if they want to live on the limited resources they have available. It’s incredible what you can learn about people in the face of adversity.

While developing my story, I immediately thought of survivor guilt. My heroine’s DNA was altered by solar storms, and she physically depends on the very thing responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people, including her own mother. Sara thinks she’s the only one who bears that cross until Ian Mathews, another powerful Kinetic, comes into her life. He, too, has suffered tragic losses due to the storms. The two join forces as they try to discover a way to use their kinetic powers to end the storms for good, or die trying.

I hope you’ll pick up a copy of ‘Til the World Ends and join Sara and Ian on their journey down a path that could save the world.

Have you ever thought of ways the world could end? Please share!

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6 Responses to My Introduction to Science Fantasy, by Karen Duvall

  1. Hi Karen, The whole process you went through coming up with this story was fun to watch. I have a copy. ;0) but haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Good luck with sales!

  2. I really enjoyed reading “Sun Storm”. I feel floods and earthquakes have been overdone in end of the world/doomsday books. It was refreshing to read your story.

    H-m-m? What if a species of genetically altered bugs with a voracious appetite started devouring all the vegetation? We would lose our food supply and so would the animals we eat.

  3. I think it’s an intriguing character study to have the moral fiber to change the world for the better of mankind, even if it means your own demise. I love those kinds of stories.

    Congrats on being in an anthology with other great authors. I hope it means even more readers find your wonderful books.

  4. Meggan McQuaid

    Paty, sounds like this is a great story! I really like the idea of sun-powered abilities fighting sun-powered problems. What a “bright” change. Thanks for sharing.

    As it happens, my WIP is post-apocalyptic; computers, computers, and more computers eventually caused a planet-wide EM storm that wiped out all electricity for hundreds of years. By the time it started to come back, magic had already taken it’s place.

  5. My cracked and bent rose-colored glasses are firmly in place, so I’ve not thought about ways the world will end–just the systems that aren’t working. 🙂 Huge congratulations on this release!

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