Maggie Shayne on “Blood of the Sorceresses”, Final Book of the Portal Series

by Maggie Shayne, author of Blood of the Sorceress (Book three of The Portal series, Harlequin MIRA

I’ve been on pins and needles awaiting the release of the final installment in my Portal Series, and it’s finally here. Book 3, Blood of the Sorceress is on sale this week in every ebook outlet and in print, and right now as I write this post, sales are very brisk and climbing. I’m super excited to see how things go from here.

This series has been quite an experience for me, especially this final story. As I wrote it, I knew my main conflict for the couple was that Demetrius, who has been trapped in a formless underworld prison for centuries, now has a physical form. He’s apparently immortal, and has powers he’s only beginning to understand. But he’s still missing a piece of his soul.  Lilia, who’s been in limbo all this time, awaiting her chance to save him, has to convince him to accept that soul piece back again, to integrate it into him and complete him, but to do that means giving up immortality and powers, becoming an ordinary human again.

I thought I had a perfect conflict here, but when I started to write my way through it, I realized that in order to convince Demetrius to trade immortality and super powers for becoming human, I had to first convince myself that this would be a worthy trade. I had to explore just what being human means. And it took me on a deep spiritual journey, as I realized, this is the trade that all of us actually did choose to make, in order to be here in this physical world.

We came from spirit, where we could create instantly. We needed only desire something to have it appear in our experience. We left that behind to come into the physical world, where things take a lot longer to become. The closest we get to our spiritual state from here, is when we dream. In dreams, we can just think of something and it’s suddenly there. So I had to ask myself why? What is it that we experience here in these physical bodies that we don’t get to experience in spirit-form?

And the answers that came to me were boundless. I thought of our five fabulous senses and how much pleasure we get from them. The beauty of nature, the sounds of birds and laughter and music, the smells that tantalize and please us, the tastes of our favorite foods. Chocolate alone is worth the trade off! The bliss of physical love, of touching another person, that stands above all else. In spirit form, there is no separation. We’re all one. In the physical, we have these separated bodies that yearn to reunite. It’s a beautiful thing.

I realized that if Demetrius wasn’t fully human, he wouldn’t have full use of those amazing abilities to see, hear, feel, taste, and smell. And without his soul intact, he couldn’t feel love. And so I had my answer for the book.

But my explorations went on.

And as I explored more deeply, I realized that in physical form, we do have all those wonderful physical senses, but we actually have them all without having to give up the power of our spirits. We still have access to that. It’s harder to tap into because we’re so intensely focused here on our physicalness and on perceiving through our five senses that we forget there are other ways to perceive. We can access our spirit by quieting the mind, by shutting off those five senses, by feeling with our spirits. This is how we can still experience the nearness and very real presence of our loved ones who’ve passed over, (only spirit can perceive spirit, we have to perceive them without our five physical senses) and it’s how we can connect with that Whole of which we are a part. Through stillness. Through not seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling. Through silently falling back into our higher selves, the spirit dwelling within us and all around us. We do this in dreamtime, and we do in in meditation. And we also do it through our imaginations.  When you imagine what your loved one who has passed away, would say or do or think of a situation, you’re not making it up. The imagination is the playground of spirit. It’s the doorway through which spirit can come to play with us. And it’s as real as we are.

Ponder that for a while, and it’ll really open your mind.

I hope you enjoy The Portal Series

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3 Responses to Maggie Shayne on “Blood of the Sorceresses”, Final Book of the Portal Series

  1. I have really liked the Portal series and can’t wait to read Blood of the Sorceress. I just finished Daughter of the Spellcaster and it was great. You can’t go wrong with any of Maggie Shaynes books.

  2. Thanks Ann S. I’m really glad you’re enjoying the series. I appreciate you stopping by!

  3. I love all of your books hard to pick a favorite but Vampires are on the top of my list and any book on the “Mystic” or hard to believe. Hope you never stop writin.