Twisted Sistah, by Maria V. Snyder

by Maria V. Snyder, author of Scent of Magic (Part of The Healers series, Harlequin MIRA, January 2013)

To come up an idea for this blog, I was thinking about the various plot lines in my latest book, Scent of Magic.  And the one aspect that I snagged on was Avry and her younger sister.  Avry is determined to re-connect with her sister, Noelle in this book.  Noelle is under the mistaken impression that Avry abandoned her when she had to take care of their dying mother and brother.  Noelle was ten and suddenly on her own.  She had to grow up fast and blamed Avry for not returning to help.  Avry desires to repair their relationship.

Relationships between sisters and with sisters seem a common theme in my books.  I’d dedicated Storm Glass to my sister, Karen, saying it had a sister vibe.  After she read the book she asked me if I was trying to tell her something, because it had a “dead sister vibe.”  Really?

Let’s see…there is the Stormdancer Kade, his sister, Kaya dies right before the story starts in an “accident,” which sets the whole conflict in motion.  There’s the main protagonist, Opal, whose sister, Tula died in Magic Study, but her other sister, Mara is alive and well (she’s also beautiful).  Then there’s Second Magician Zitora Cowan whose sister has disappeared ten years ago.  Uh…

Let’s look at my other books.  Yelena is reunited with her family in Magic Study.  She meets her brother Leif and he immediately hates her.  But by the end of Fire Study they get along fabulously.  That counts, right?  The antagonist in Magic Study, Ferde’s sister, Alea shows up in Fire Study to avenge him and well…er…dies.  Hmmm….

In Sea Glass Ulrick has a couple sisters.  One is an extremely talented glass artist who is famous for her beautiful sculptures and who also betrays him.  Er…

My sister might be onto something.  Might!  But it’s not that I wish her ill, but that our complex and long relationship influences my writing.  Siblings are more than just related by birth.  They can be best friends, fight like enemies, annoy each other, be competitive, aggravate the heck out of each other, and have a blast together, and all this can happen in one weekend!  Plus I’m an expert in being a sister and having a sister – who better to write that? 🙂  And watching my son and daughter these last 15 years, I’ve a good idea of how an older brother with a younger sister work (think Leif and Yelena in Fire Study :)).

However, I’m open to new relationships and have scenes with Kerrick and his brother Izak in Scent of Magic.  You’ll have to tell me how I did.  As for Avry and Noelle’s relationship…well, you’ll just have to read the book to see if they repair their relationship.

And no Karen, I’m not trying to tell you something.  These sister are fictional and not you…well…not all of them ;>

I’m on the left – age 5.  It was the only time our mother dressed us alike, but it’s one of my favorite pictures of us together.

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One Response to Twisted Sistah, by Maria V. Snyder

  1. I love this post.

    Being the oldest of 3, I can totally relate to the complexity that can accompany sibling relationships. Me and my sister used to fight like wild cats until we finally just talked about it and decided to stop ’cause neither one of us could tell you why we fought so much. Me and my brother have never been very close but he’s always been super supportive and has always stood up for both me and my sister really faithfully.

    There’s something about sibling relationships that’s (potentially) just awesome and intriguing and unique and touching and fun.

    Again love this post! I love the glimpse into your writer brain.


    P.S. Please forgive my OCD, I think you misspelled “aggravate” as “aggregate.” 🙂