Just the Boys: Behind the Scenes with Romance Heroes Cal & Josh by Jessa Slade and Elle James

by Jessa Slade, author of A Little Night Muse, and Elle James, author of The Witch’s Seduction (Harlequin Nocturne Cravings, January 2013)

Being a romance hero is hard work. Also hot and hazardous. Have you seen the devastation wrought upon their shirts? Check out the covers of this month’s Nocturne Cravings for the hard, hot and hazardous evidence. Not all men are up to the challenge of being a romance hero.

And even the brave few sometimes need a little down time. Let’s listen in as Cal Black, from Elle James’ The Witch’s Seduction, and Josh Reimer, from Jessa Slade’s A Little Night Muse, meet up for a beer after work. Wolly — Josh’s red heeler — is lying under the table, keeping watch for anything suspicious. There’s a lot to be suspicious about, these days.

Josh (taking a swig and tipping back the brim of his cowboy hat with the bottle): Hey there, Cal. Nice bike you rode in on. Out on the ranch, I use mostly real horsepower. I save all the heavy metal for my belt buckles.

Cal: (shrugs, a smile curling the corners of his lips) It’s a Harley. Need I say more?

Josh: I needed a drink after finding a strange woman, alone in winter in the middle of my Oregon valley. By strange, I mean… Adelyn’s not like any other woman I’ve known. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Not that I’d mind putting my hands on her. In a gentlemanly way, of course.

Cal: Didn’t know what I was getting into when I agreed to partner with Deme. And by partner, I mean more than at work. Between her and her sisters, I’m up to my boot tops in crazy happenings.

Josh (gets up to add a couple coins to the jukebox and start up Black Magic Woman; he saunters back, humming along…badly): Women. Yeah… Maybe I have been alone too long. And no cow jokes, hear? But if you got any advice on women, I might just listen.

Cal: (snorts) Sometimes you just gotta go with your gut. Love her hard, be straight, don’t screw around and, if she’s really worth the time of day, don’t let her get away.

Josh: I’d rather face down a bear. But hell, the things moving through my valley these days aren’t the predators I’ve always known. I’ll do whatever it takes to protect what’s mine, but there’s more to Adelyn than meets the eye, so I’ll be keeping a close watch on her. (Did Wolly just roll his eyes?)

Cal: (takes a long swallow of beer and sets the empty bottle on the table) Been a few weeks since I saw Deme. I’m looking forward to having her back. I hope she doesn’t get all wrapped around the axels about the new woman on our team. Two hot women on the same floor spells trouble. Especially if one of ’em is Deme.

 Josh: Being alone doesn’t sound so bad now. I have Bunco — that’s my quarter horse outside — and Wolly here. (ruffles Wolly’s ears; there’d be a tail thump except Wolly doesn’t have a tail) If there’s one thing I couldn’t stand, it’d be falling for someone and watching her melt away like the last of the snow.

Cal: (stares off into the shadowy corner of the bar) I let her go once. I’ll be damned if I let Deme go again. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe and in my life.

 Got a question for Cal or Josh? Ask away or leave a comment for a chance to win a print copy of Elle James’ The Witch’s Initiation and the first ebook in Jessa Slade’s Steel Born series, Dark Hunter’s Touch.


About the Authors:

Elle James aka Myla Jackson spent twenty years livin’ and lovin’ in South Texas, ranching horses, cattle, goats, ostriches and emus. A former IT professional, Elle is proud to be writing full-time, penning intrigues and paranormal adventures that keep her readers on the edge of their seats. She has 31 works with Harlequin, self published works under pen name Elle James, over 40 works with other publishers including Samhain, Elloras’ Cave, Kensington and Avon and 18 works self-published under pen name Myla Jackson. Now living in northwest Arkansas, she isn’t wrangling cattle, she’s wrangling her muses, a malti-poo and yorkie. When she’s not at her computer, she’s traveling, out snow-skiing, boating, or riding her ATV, dreaming up new stories.


Elle James

Deme Chattox is eager to return home and start her new job on the Chicago PD’s paranormal task force. As a witch, she’s got special insight into the city’s supernatural underworld. And as an added bonus, her partner is also her lover, Cal Black.

 Deme can’t wait to pick up where their off-the-charts chemistry left off, but she senses a change in Cal. Though the sex is hotter than ever, she doesn’t need mystical powers to know there’s something he’s not telling her. Something that threatens their budding relationship, and their latest case…

Jessa Slade writes paranormal romance, urban fantasy romance, and science fiction romance. Basically, anything with woo-woo and woo-hoo! She lives in the Pacific Northwest where the rain rain rain rain keeps her at her computer all day and all night. Jessa can be found online in all the usual haunts: Website, NewsletterFacebookTwitterPinterest, Goodreads

Jessa Slade

 Convicted of treason, Adelyn has been banished to the sunlit realm of humans—a fate worse than death for a musetta who exists only to inspire other phae. To reverse her exile, she must find a pair of lovers who have fled the court and return them to face the Queen’s wrath. But once in the mortal realm, she meets a man who unveils her hidden desires…

When Josh Reimer discovers an ethereal beauty at a cabin near his ranch, he decides the neighborly thing to do is take her in. Adelyn inspires a passion unlike anything he’s ever known and he vows not to lose the magic they’ve found together—even if that means she must choose between her home and their love.

* * *

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19 Responses to Just the Boys: Behind the Scenes with Romance Heroes Cal & Josh by Jessa Slade and Elle James

  1. So, gentlemen, did you ever imagine you’d be interviewed as a hero? What did you want to be when you grew up? Was “hero” on that list? Is it all it’s cracked up to be?

  2. Shelley Downton

    Awesome sounding books, I enjoyed the conversation between the two heroes of these books!

  3. flchen1, Josh here. There’s no wi-fi on the ranch — porcupines keep chewing through the wires — so I’m logging in with Jessa’s name.

    I never expected to be a hero. Don’t think I’m one now. Unless you ask Wolly when I’m opening a bag of kibble. Then I’m a god.

    But if Adelyn wanted to look at me as a hero… Well, I might just be willing to step into those boots.

  4. Shelley, thanks for stopping by! Happy Friday!

  5. I don’t have a question, just wanted to say that I found this whole exchange hilarious (even though I don’t think that was the intention lol)

  6. Pat Cochran

    Good questions, Fedora, but I want to know
    what happened to Wolly’s tail?

    P.S. You’re both new-to-me authors!

    Pat C.

  7. mary mckee

    i enjoyed both stories. look forward to reading the books

  8. How did you decide on the animals’ names?

  9. I just have to know…how does a man put his hands on a woman in a gentlemanly way? That cracked me up.

  10. Laughed a lot reading this. A cowboy and a biker dude sounds like oil and water. Good thing they both like beer. 🙂

    Congrats on the release, ladies.

  11. Ah, shucks, you guys had all the fun while I was on the road to Omaha to lead a writer’s retreat. Glad you liked the little vignette with Cal and Josh, two scrumptious men to fall in love with! Thanks for stopping by to comment.

  12. Interesting conversation. I’d like to read more about these characters. Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. I am new to this genre. Both books sound great. I love the covers. I will be adding both books to my buy list. Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. I’ve been a long time PNR reader and I’ve always loved getting a behind-the-scenes scoop on the heroes or heroines. It’s loads of fun and gives a whole new level of enjoyment when I sit down for a re-read. Like adding another layer to the books since I know a few details about the character that isn’t always included in the book. 🙂

    Thanks for all the fun!


  15. I loved the little interview there with Josh and Cal. Now I’ll definitely have to read these books. 🙂 Thanks for the chance,.
    Carol L.

  16. I picked up Witch’s Initiative. I need to pick up Dark Hunter’s Touch.

  17. Going to try out these new books:) thx!

  18. Hi everyone — sorry for the delay in announcing the giveaway winner! Congratulations to CAROL L. who was selected by random number draw as the winner!

    Carol, please check your email for a message from me.

    ~Amy from Harlequin

  19. Unfortunately I’ve been unable to contact our winner so I’m drawing a new one — congrats Bonnie! Please check your email 🙂