A Holiday with a Vampire… is the Way to Go! with Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom, author of “Bright Star” in Holiday with a Vampire 4 (Harlequin Nocturne)

Hello paranormal writers and readers. I’m happy to be here today chatting about my story in the new Nocturne anthology, Holiday With A Vampire 4, and sharing my love of the genre. I hope you’ll leave some comments, and wave in my direction, so I’ll know I have friends out there who feel the way I do about these things. (*insert happy face, with fangs*)

When I was invited to write a novella for this anthology, I was thrilled to my underpants. Not only is Christmas my favorite time of the year, but vamps AND Christmas? Win-win, and tail-wagging stuff. I started writing my story that same day.

Dissecting Linda’s immortals:

If you’ve read my Nocturnes, you’ll probably know that my vampires are never just vampires. They are immortals who follow a credo and code of conduct all the way through time. Sometimes, they’re not vampirish, at all. Dangerous? Always. Gorgeous? My word, yes! But they have souls, and a conscience. (Golden Vampire, Guardian of the Night, Night Born) And they always seem to hunger for the right females with those soulful souls. (Linda raises her hand. Did anyone beat me to it?)

Dylan McCay, in my novella “Bright Star” is just such a guy. He has come of seclusion on an assignment to stop a young female astronomer named Savannah Clark from getting to close to a phenomenon known as the Christmas Star. Why? I’ll give just a hint here = it’s because that star might have hidden another event that immortals don’t want others to find out about.

Once I had an image of Dylan, with his long dark hair and his big eyes and his graceful silhouette (and of course an aura of submerged danger) WOW. The story pretty much told itself. I was hooked, just as Savannah had to be.

Imagine: You’re out to celebrate the season, alone, and a hunky, sexy man tunes in to you who not only turns you on, but knows something about your work, and wants to know more about you. It’s a recipe for one hot holiday, for sure, especially for a lonely, geeky astronomer.

Can you picture this?

Et voila –“Bright Star.”

And of course there are two more stories in this anthology, from Susan Krinard, and Theresa Meyers. Boy, my immortal is in good company here. I’ve posted the U.S cover and the U.K. cover. Same book, same stories, different cover and title. Don’t you just dig the art?

So, now, who has other ideas about how to fang up a celebration? Will Holiday with a Vampire be in your stocking, or under your pillow? Have you read it already?

How about this for a chilly winter night: a sexy book to fulfill our paranormal longings, and a glass of sparkling champagne?

How about a glass of… Vampire Merlot . . . to cool down a hot flash?

I know that I’ll be indulging my cravings with some immortal fare this season, and guess what? I’ve already started! And each time I eat a sugar cookie, I’ll think of Dylan McCay’s expression when Savannah handed him one… Well, you’ll just have to read the story to find out about that.

I’m waving at you today. Love some company.

Cheers for now –



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12 Responses to A Holiday with a Vampire… is the Way to Go! with Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

  1. Good morning everyone- waving on a Wednesday!

  2. Happy Wednesday and congrats on the new release!

  3. Vampires and Christmas? It doesn’t get better than that! I need this book STAT!! 🙂

  4. LOL. Cassi – after my own heart. What’s a holiday without a little FANG action?
    *waving back*

  5. Oh…my…gosh…. I just realized it’s a very special day today… You guys… it’s

    12/12/12. That rocks!

  6. Your story sounds awesome. I love the Christmas Star idea (and I love anthologies, too)! Thanks for posting about it here.

  7. Keri Kruspe

    Saw the tag on the FF&P blog and had to have a look! Just got your book in my club order and can’t wait to start it… Thanks 😉

  8. Keri – thanks so much for getting the book and for the message here. That ROCKS!
    Sure hope you like it….. if you like magic, do read mine.

  9. Christmas & vampires = LOVE!!!!

    Great blog Linda… Sounds like an awesome novella!!! 🙂

    I need it in my Kindle… Stat!!!

    Merry Christmas!

    Lisa 🙂

  10. Hi Lisa and Barbara. Thanks for the wave and the support. Love that! Paranormal authors unite!

  11. I thought having it post today boded well. After all, we won’t get another date like this in our lifetimes! (OK, unless you’re a vampire, then what’s another 89 years?)

    So glad you’re liking the mix of vampires and Christmas! I think I’m the lucky one getting to share another anthology with Linda!

    Theresa Meyers

  12. All hail, Theresa Meyers, my wonderful antho-mate.
    Thanks for the wave.