Werewolf vs. Vampire: Opposites Attract in Michele Hauf’s “Claiming the Wolf”

by Michele Hauf, author of Claiming the Wolf (Harlequin Nocturne Cravings, November 2012)

My new story this month, Claiming the Wolf, is about opposites attracting.  Deadly opposites.  Werewolves and vampires usually exist alongside one another.  You keep your fangs away from me; I’ll keep my claws away from you.  But what if a vampire bites a werewolf?  The wolf then develops a hunger for blood.  And that is VERY wrong to the werewolf community.  They do not harm humans, nor do they need them in any way to survive.  A werewolf afflicted with a blood hunger becomes an outcast from his pack.

So of course, you know I had to torture my current werewolf hero by having the vampire heroine bite him.  Besides being a life-sustaining acting, the bite is also very sensual.  And it’s never easy to simply walk away when you are literally forced into the bite—for both parties.  So this is a tale about how the two come together and how they learn to cope with this new and sexually charged relationship.

So, knowing that vampires must bite to survive, and that werewolves must shift at least once a month for their survival, which would you prefer to be?  Myself, I think I’d have to go for the bite.  All that shifting and hairy business are not my thing.  😉

For a glimpse at some of the images that inspired this story, check out Hart and Danni’s Pinterest page: http://pinterest.com/toastfaery/hart-danni/


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