Gena Showalter’s “Alice in Zombieland” Blog Tour & Scavenger Hunt

Are you ready for a trip down the rabbit hole?

New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter starts new series, The White Rabbit Chronicles, with Alice in Zombieland (Harlequin TEEN, on sale September 25) – inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic story with a modern paranormal twist.

Today we have an interview with Tara Scarcello, who designed the cover for Alice in Zombieland, with a behind-the-scenes look at how the cover was created. And don’t miss the  Look for the White Rabbit scavenger hunt for your chance to win a Kindle Paperwhite signed by Gena Showalter plus an authographed copy of the book! Keep reading for details on how to enter…

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Q:   Where did inspiration come from for this cover?

A: We were very much inspired by Tim Burton and Alexander McQueen for this cover. They both do such a great job of creating beauty in a unique way and we really wanted that feel. We wanted beauty within a unique and slightly weird world.

Q:   Was there any other cover concepts or did you always know ‘Alice Bell’ would be the focus?

A: We decided to focus on ‘Alice Bell’ for the cover from the beginning. We thought taking inspiration from the original Alice in Wonderland blue dress, but putting a twist on it, would create something beautiful, but spooky at the same time. There were a few concepts that we went through all involving Alice in different situations, one being falling down the rabbit hole and the final idea of her in the forest. There was another setting for Alice, but we’ve decided to keep that for the next book in the series.

Q:    Where did the photo of the girl come from?

A: The photo of Alice was shot by the photographer Nikki Omerod and art directed by Gigi Lau. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the photo-shoot, but I heard there was a bunny and it looked like a lot of fun!

Q:     What is a typical day (or we could expand to a week or process of creating a cover) like for you?

A: Designing a book cover differs depending on many different factors, but the overall process remains the same. At its most basic, this is the way things happen:

  1. Marketing, editorial, the art director and designer assigned to the book get together to brainstorm ideas and directions for the cover.
  2. After the brainstorming the designer and art director will develop concepts.
  3. The concepts are then presented to the team and a direction is chosen.
  4. Depending on the direction chosen a photo-shoot needs to be scheduled by the art director or art needs to be bought. Sometimes illustrators or type designers are hired, or the art is done in-house by the designer. All of this depends on our time-line and budget for the book.
  5. Once the final art is approved by the team it is placed in a template where the spine and back-cover art is created and then sent out for final approval.

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Now for more about the scavenger hunt!

Look for the White Rabbit Contest: Each Day, the white Rabbit will appear on one site and stay there for 48 hours. Once you have found the Rabbit, click on it and you will be directed to a Rafflecopter entry form for the Grand Prize Giveaway! To enter, you must answer the daily question found at the Tour Stop!!!

Where could the Rabbit appear? The rabbit could appear on any one of the Tour Hosts pages, as well a: The White Rabbit Chronicles Website, Gena Showalters Facebook & HarlequinTEEN Facebook!

Here is today’s question: What’s your favorite element of the Alice in Zombieland cover?

Now go and find the white rabbit!!

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Follow the rest of the Alice in Zombieland Blog Tour to learn more about the book and for more chances to find the White Rabbit…

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24 Responses to Gena Showalter’s “Alice in Zombieland” Blog Tour & Scavenger Hunt

  1. Love Gena Showalter! Very excited about this give-away and to check out her new book 🙂

  2. i love her dress its really pretty and blue is my fav colour 🙂

  3. Cassandra Hicks

    I think it’s beautiful & I love the dress!

  4. Stacey Marin

    I love her dress 😀

  5. The dress is cute!

  6. I just love the colors and the dress!

  7. I love this cover! I think the colors and the dress are my favorite aspects of the cover but seriously, it’s a great cover!

  8. I love how the dress just draws you in and also it seems cold and alone.

  9. I love the weird hue blue of the dress. Especially against the black cover. It really makes it stand out!

  10. I really like the dress and the scrollwork around the edges.

  11. I love the dress,and the border around the picture

  12. Maria Lagou

    I love the combination of the colours! It’s captivating!

  13. Honestly, the whole thing is just brilliant. The photography is perfect, the coloring really sets the mood/feel of what i know will be another work of art by Gena… i love the frame/scrollwork – it’s just a great composition all around! Great job!

  14. I like the dress.

  15. I love that the cover is a little dark, Alice and all that black background….

    IS it international?

  16. whitewolfreads

    I have to agree that the cover is gorgeous! That dress is absolutely stunning. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

  17. Oh dear, i might have missed the rabbit on this one. Oh well. I simply ADORE the beautiful bordering. I find the subtlest of touches always make the best impression — bravo!

  18. Her Dress

  19. I love the border with the spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs and the skulls!
    Of course, the beautiful girl wearing the beautiful dress helps too! 🙂

  20. I love the background and Alice’s dress!

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  22. Someone please tell me what’s the name of the girl that’s on the 3 covers!!!! If you know please tell me!!! I know that it’s Alice Bell but what’s the real name of the girl who plays Alice on the cover? Thank you.

  23. I cried when I finished reading the “Alice in Zombieland” books! I wish there would be like 2 more after the queen of zombie hearts! I still feel sad going to the website because it reminds me of that awesome book I finished!!!

  24. My daughter loves the book and the dress wants one for her graduation picture where can I find one or close to one.