New York State of Mind, by Elle James

by Elle James, author of Hot Demon Nights (Harlequin Nocturne Cravings, May 2012)

I couldn’t think of a better place for people of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and…species to blend into crowds than in New York City. The city teems with who knows what beneath the glitz, glamour and neon lights. It’s a great place for shapeshifters, vampires and demons to live undetected by humans. That’s why I chose NYC for my first Nocturne Cravings story, Hot Demon Nights.

Since I wanted my heroine to be a cop, she had to be a tough, kick-ass-take-no-prisoners kind of gal. And she’s beautiful…which she hates that fact and it gives her all the attitude she needs to scare the other cops at the 5th Precinct into leaving her the hell alone. Since she’s such a strong character I decided to write this story all in her point of view. Here’s a taste of what you’re in store for:


She didn’t ask for the job, it landed in her lap, literally. Rookie cop and budding paranorm butt-kicker, Katya Danse, becomes a member of the Lower Manhattan order of the Paranormal Investigation Team (PIT). This elite group of multi-skilled law enforcers is tasked with keeping peace between the human and otherkin inhabitants of Manhattan. Katya never knew she had special skills until a zombie fell in her lap from the fourth story of her apartment building, and she lopped its head off. From rookie cop to PIT crew, she’s sniffing out zombies and tracking down rogue demons, vampires and werecreatures for a living. Nicked-named Iceman for her ability to cut a man’s ego down in a single word, Katya has never met a man she can trust, much less a demon. The last thing she needs is a smart-ass demon dogging her every step, especially one with mind-melding gazes and sex-appeal that could corrupt even the most heart-hardened cop.

Blaise Michaels, one of the few paranorms recruited as part of the select PIT crew, teams with Katya to discover the source of a fresh outbreak of zombification and nip it in the bud. Not only is he interested in the challenge of awakening Katya’s inner demon, he knows their adversary is dangerous, beyond even their initial indications. Forced into close proximity, Katya’s and Blaise’s investigation takes them into the darkest, dirtiest shadows of the Manhattan underworld, pitting superhuman skills against a barrage of creatures fighting for survival and domination in a world most humans will never know exists. As their investigation intensifies, so too does the heat between them, fire melting ice, a combustible outcome sure to ensue.

Don’t you think big cities are great places to hide in plain sight? What other cities would work as well as NYC? Leave a comment and let me know.

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11 Responses to New York State of Mind, by Elle James

  1. Mel K.

    Boston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago,…just a few. :-)

    HDN sounds really good, Elle. I’ve seen it a lot lately in various e-mails.

  2. New Orleans goes without saying, but Memphis gives the same vibes too.

  3. Being from New York, I agree that’s it a great place for a paranormal character to live, work, hide. But now that I live in New Orleans, I swear this city is swarming with odd characters. The paranormal character would blend in without notice. This city is a great place for writers. No way you can have writers’ block, there is a story idea around every corner and in every old shop in the French Quarter.

  4. I agree with all the suggestions. I’ve been getting lots on FB as well, taking it to foreign countries and cities. Will have to expand this series to London, Italy, Scotland and Moscow! Love the suggestions!

  5. I’d love to see them in Louisville ~ it thrilled me pieces to see Thea Harrison us Louisville in Oracle’s Moon. It’s a pretty large city, and lol oh so diverse! I could totally see Demons, Vamps, Witches etc roaming all around the streets and no one would blink!!

  6. New Orleans, goes without saying, but has been done time and again. Italy or Greece are exciting, romantic by day and mystic by night. Exciting!

    Congratulation on the release of Hot Demon Nights, Elle! It’s sure to please!

  7. Pat Cochran

    I have to suggest my hometown of Houston,
    a city in which it is so easy to lose one-
    self. I, a native and 75 year resident of
    this city, can access one of our freeways
    and be lost in a matter of minutes! Just
    imagine what could happen to strangers!
    May I introduce you to one of my best pals,
    Mapquest? Mapquest, this is Elle.

  8. Fedora

    How fun, Elle! I think a lot of big cities have that appeal–San Francisco, Sydney, Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles… Can’t wait to pick up Hot Demon Nights :)

  9. I lived in Pittsburg PA and since the steel mills closed there are parts of that city that are pretty eerie, and spooky. Plenty of hiding places.

  10. My first thoughts, when I saw the question in your email, were New York and Las Vegas, because of the nightlife, and New Orleans, because of the atmosphere. Now that I’ve thought about it a little more, it could be an interesting juxtaposition to put a bunch of dark characters in Miami, where you have brilliant shiny sunlit days contrasting with pulsing, sometimes seedy nightlife.

  11. Jodi O'Shea-Walker

    Gosh, I’m stunned that not even one person mentioned OKC. LOL

    Hi, Elle! The book sounds absolutely killer!

    Jodi “Outlaw” O’Shea-Walker

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