Attention Writers: So You Think You Can Write Starts Today!

by Amy Wilkins, Harlequin Digital

Attention aspiring Harlequin romance authors! Today is the launch of our second annual “online conference” So You Think You Can Write. From November 7-11, you can get tons of the advice and guidance from Harlequin editors and authors on how to write the perfect Harlequin novel in blog posts, live chats, Twitter chats, podcasts and more.

The week is divided by theme so if you’re a novice or you’ve already got a couple of manuscripts under your belt and you’re looking to fine tune your work for submission, we’ve got something to help you. Here’s the breakdown of the schedule:

Day 1: Writing Romance

Day 2: Starting Your Book

Day 3: Revising Your Book

Day 4: Selling Your Book

Day 5: Submitting Your Book

To view the complete calendar of each days’ events, click here. Please note that the links won’t work until the start time of each event, and all times posted are in Eastern Standard Time! Be sure to look up your local times for any live events you’d like to attend. If you miss something, don’t worry — this year, everything will archived here (including transcripts of live chats) so you can catch up or review anything at your leisure.

Along with the informational sessions, we’re offering you an opportunity to bypass that slush pile and send your work directly to Harlequin editors for critique and advice. In the daily assignments, you can enter a part of your book used in a typical submission (e.g. opening page, a gripping scene, synopses and query letters) for a chance to get it critiqued by an editor. A selection of submissions are chosen each day for a response from our editors. The deadline to enter each daily assignment challenge is 6pm Eastern time.

And the best part…at the end of the week we’ll be opening up a writing contest where the winner will get their story published! For details about the contest, including the full official rules, click here.

We hope you’ll join us for So You Think You Can Write! You’ll find a lot more information about the conference (including some handy FAQs) on and if you’ve got a Twitter account, you should start following @HarlequinSYTYCW and the #sytycw2 hashtag for constant updates and to join the conversation.


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