Under the Covers, by Author Bonnie Vanak

By Bonnie Vanak, author of The Shadow Wolf (Harlequin Nocturne, September 2011)

He’s not naked… yet. But he soon will be.

On the cover of my newest Nocturne, The Shadow Wolf, Gabriel and Megan are lying on a moonlit lawn before  a lake. They are about to make love for the first time. Gabriel’s heated gaze is locked to Emily in a moment of blazing passion.

You know he wants her, and he’s going to take her. And she wants him equally.

When I saw the cover to The Shadow Wolf, it was as if Harlequin’s art department saw the scene exactly as I had. Gabriel and Megan are depicted as I had imagined. The cover is sexy, and sultry and evocative. It’s one of my favorite covers. Maybe because it’s such a sensual and yet tender scene, and perfectly depicts the emotional intensity of their intimacy.

In The Shadow Wolf, Gabriel is a muscled Cajun werewolf who speaks with a sexy drawl. He seems easygoing, friendly and funny, but he’s got a deep, dark side. Gabriel doesn’t dare get close to anyone should his dark side come out. Megan is a perfect match for him. She’s has faced prejudice her entire life because she is different and she longs for an open, honest relationship. She won’t put up with anything less and slowly she begins to peel back Gabriel’s layers to find his true self. Gabriel is torn. He wants Megan, but he also fears an emotional connection. He’s been hurt by betrayal before, yet the wolf inside him knows and recognizes Megan and wants her, badly.

The cover of The Shadow Wolf depicts his hunger for Megan and Megan’s passion for Gabriel. Gabriel is a very sexy, but dark hero and the cover’s deep purple and blue hues reflect this. Megan is a Shadow Wolf, a werewolf who can turn invisible, and a sense of this ethereal ability manifests itself on the cover.

Covers are very important. They should give a sense of what lies between the pages.  As a reader, when I browse the shelves or hunt for ebooks, covers help me make selections. If I’m looking for a home and hearth book, for example, I’ll bypass a cover depicting a couple entwined in a passionate embrace. But I will pick up a book depicting a waterfront inn, like I did with The Inn at Eagle Point by Sherryl Woods.

On the other hand, if I’m in a mood for a sexy read, a hot, sexy cover will always catch my attention.

What kind of book covers do you like?

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6 Responses to Under the Covers, by Author Bonnie Vanak

  1. Gorgeous cover, Bonnie. I like covers that convey the emotion of the story, and yours sure does.

    My only problem with covers is if they’re inaccurate in some way.

  2. I love this cover! Even if I wasn’t a huge fan who gloms everything Bonnie Vanak writes, I’d buy this book on the strength of the cover. Some covers exude hotness w/o tenderness/intimacy, and some are more about the tenderness/warmth than hot/sexy, but IMO, this strikes the perfect balance.

  3. Love the cover, Bonnie! Very evocative.

  4. It’s a beautiful cover, Bonnie, and the colors are perfect. I like a cover that’s appropriate to the story. For my mysteries, I like a fun, colorful cover that shows my story has a humorous slant. For my romances, I like elements that show the genre and the mood.

  5. Jan Zimlich

    I love Bonnie’s books and characters, especially her weres, and this is without a doubt her most beautiful Nocturne cover. It’s edgy and moody, reflecting a darker story and characters.(Love those dark heroes!)

  6. Beautiful cover, Bonnie. I bet these one will leap off the shelves!