We Are Each Other’s Guardian Angels, by Stephanie Chong

by Stephanie Chong, debut author of Where Demons Fear to Tread (Mira Books, September 2011)

A sense of grace in a place of beauty.  An flicker of light that seems otherworldly.  A shivery feeling of someone watching…

Are there angels among us?

In Where Demons Fear to Tread, the Company of Angels is a group of guardians sent back to earth in human bodies.  Their mission is to guide human souls.  Lured into a dangerously alluring demon underworld, fledgling angel Serena St. Clair must battle Archdemon Julian Ascher over the soul of a young Hollywood actor.

When it comes to the real world, whether you believe angels exist or not, one thing is certain.

We, as humans, all have the opportunity to be each other’s guardian angels.

For me, the road to becoming a writer began as a childhood dream.  It is a road paved with difficult choices.  Reams of discarded pages lie scattered along the wayside.  This road wove through five university degrees.  Through a law degree and a Ph.D. at the University of Toronto, and a master’s in creative writing at Oxford.  Through a career as a lawyer.  I would not trade this journey.  Its joys and its sorrows are my own.  It has made me who I am.

Two weeks ago, Where Demons Fear to Tread hit bookstores.

Now, my journey as a published author is just beginning.  Along the way, my own earthly angels have watched over for me.  As I struggled, sometimes they have winced over my mistakes.  But they’ve always allowed me to make my own choices.  Here are some of the things my earthly angels have said to me over my long journey to follow my dreams.

This too shall pass.

Follow your dreams.

This advice may seem trite.  But the empathy of a friend, the right words said at the right time, can change a life.  Some of the friends who offered me this advice are no longer here.  In the last handful of years, the premature passing of a few too-good-for-this-world people has changed my outlook.  Life is short.  Sometimes heartbreakingly so.

Whatever you believe or don’t believe about angels, our time here is precious.

Use it.

Follow your heart.

We live in difficult times.  That fact cannot be ignored.  But whatever your aspirations, whatever your troubles, your own earthly angels are within reach.  You are not alone.  And in your turn, you have the opportunity to touch another.

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