Rachel Vincent Steps Out of Her Comfort Zone for her new “Unbound” Series

by Rachel Vincent, author of Blood Bound (MIRA Books, book on the Unbound series)

For anyone who doesn’t already know, this week is the release week for Blood Bound, the first in my Unbound trilogy. I’ve been pretty nervous about this for several reasons, the most prominent of which is that the Unbound world is quite a departure from anything I’ve written before. It’s still paranormal, but that’s about all this new world has in common with Shifters (my previous adult series) or Soul Screamers (my current YA series). This time, I’m not writing creatures. The bad guys are all human monsters, and to me, that makes them even scarier.

I’ve spoken (written) at length about how this new trilogy involves an intricate system of paranormal abilities and restrictions, and about how I came up with them. But here’s a quick rundown, in case you’ve missed it. In the Unbound books, some people have abilities the rest of us don’t have, called Skills. No super speed, super strength, or mindreading, though. Nothing that common. One of these Skills is the ability to “bind” a promise, which makes that promise unbreakable. That’s the foundation of my world building, which all began with a literal interpretation of the phrase “a man’s word is his bond,” though it grew much more complicated and dangerous from there. And I’ll be honest—writing these books is very difficult. But that makes the payoff so much more wonderful, because I know I’ve worked really hard for and on these books.

I stepped outside my comfort zone in several areas with the Unbound trilogy, most notably with the dual first person narrative. That’s right, you get to see things from both Cam and Liv’s perspective in Blood Bound. But one of the other, less obvious changes is my attempt to blur the lines with these books. Instead of black and white, I’ve aimed for shades of gray.

The good guys have all done bad things. The bad guys all have redeeming qualities (though you’ll probably still recognize them as bad). And the world is one big, gritty moral question mark. These new characters have no easy answers and no simple solutions, and no good deed goes unpunished in their world.

I kind of like that, because I believe heroes aren’t truly heroic if their feats aren’t difficult. If they require no self-sacrifice. I make my heroes work for the title, and I believe in the things they fight for. And they have one hell of a fight coming…

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