Dead to the World, by Author Mara Purnhagen

by Mara Purnhagen, author of Haunting the Night (Harlequin Teen ebook exclusive, August 2011) and Beyond the Grave (Harlequin Teen, September 2011)

My husband wakes up in strange places. During business trips, he will sometimes awake to discover that he is standing outside his locked hotel door at 3 am wearing only his pajamas. Or he’ll go to bed at home and wake up sitting in the living room. Sometimes he’ll walk around the house, still in a deep sleep, and turn on all the lights. He’s even carried on full conversations, with no memory of it the next morning.

He claims these experiences aren’t scary—just embarrassing. Having to ask the late night hotel clerk that you need to get into your room and don’t have an ID because, hey, you’re in your pajamas? It can be awkward. But his nocturnal trips make for some interesting stories.

Sleepwalking is something that comes up in the final book of my Past Midnight series, Beyond the Grave. Charlotte’s boyfriend, Noah, doesn’t understand why he wakes up in different places and has no memory of how he got there. But his wanderings are anything but harmless. Even though Noah is unaware of what’s going on, he is involved with something dark—and Charlotte is worried. The problem is, she isn’t sure how she can help or what, exactly, Noah is doing, and the potential answer is something she can’t bear to think about.

I don’t think I have ever walked in my sleep. I’m fairly certain I would freak out if it I opened my eyes and discovered I was somewhere other than my warm bed. But it’s something I have wondered about: what causes it? In Beyond the Grave, the cause of Noah’s sleepwalking is somewhat sinister. In reality, it seems to be a natural condition. But it’s a strange state of being and one that fit nicely into a tale of the paranormal. We hope that we are safe while we sleep. But what goes on when we are unconscious (or maybe semi-conscious) is, in fact, unknowable.

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  1. I love the series. So looking forward to this book. 🙂