Poll: Soul Screamers Covers, US vs. UK

by Amy Wilkins, Harlequin Digital Earlier this month, Rachel Vincent — author of the Soul Screamers series from Harlequin TEEN — unveiled the UK covers for the first three books in the series on her blog.

And here they are!

For a refresher, here’s another look at the North American versions:

Which versions do you like best — the original US covers, or the new UK editions?

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25 Responses to Poll: Soul Screamers Covers, US vs. UK

  1. I was never a real fan of the US covers and they really failed at the third cover.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the UK versions though. They’re beautiful, relevant, and artistic.

  2. Vince Mooney

    Hi Amy:

    As a marketing person I can say this: the UK covers will ‘own’ any book shelf they are on (if the covers are showing). It is also clear that the books are in a series. The three US covers could easily be three unrelated stories by three different authors. The UK seems to have better covers in other romance lines as well. I just wonder if people in the UK like the US covers better.


  3. Hi Vince, I’m from the UK and I like the UK covers best! 🙂

    I do like the US covers too, but for me the UK ones have the edge artistically.

  4. I’m not a marketing person, just an avid reader, but I totally disagree about the US covers looking like they’re unrelated. Same logo, same fonts, just different colors. They look like they’re obviously connected in my view. I’m in the UK, I have the US covers, but I prefer the new UK ones. They’re just stunning. The US ones are nice I think, but the UK ones are just far better.

  5. Personally, I prefer the US covers. While the UK covers are hauntingly beautiful, the US covers are more striking. If I’m walking past a YA book shelf, everything is white and black. I’m naturally drawn to pops of color.

  6. Cassandra C

    The UK Covers stand out more imo its probably because the background is white and the colors are bolder where the US covers are darker they don’t stand out as much.

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  8. I’m from the US but I have to say I like the UK covers better!I think there way more artistic!

  9. To begin, I’m not a marketing person and I’m from the US. When I originally saw the US covers before the books were released, I loved them. They’re pretty, hands down. However, it seems to me that they’re getting boring because it’s the same pose by the model just flipped and with a different color. I fell in love with the UK covers because they are beautiful but also there’s some variety while still maintaining a sense of unity. They also incorporate a key point of the stories, the fog. As far as seeing them on the shelf, I feel the UK covers would stand out more so then others because with the resurgence of paranormal fiction in popularity the covers tend to be darker in nature (see the Twilight and Vampire Diaries novels). If these were displayed on a YA paranormal endcap or display, they would easily stand out and draw the eye for both their beauty and uniqueness.

  10. I do like the US covers, but since the titles are so similar I like how the UK covers differentiate between the books a little more. The US covers are very similar so it adds to the confusing. Both covers are great but the UK for me are just a little bit better 🙂

  11. I prefer the UK version of the cover. I think they have a better grip of what the story is about and actually incooperate that into the artwork. I love the mist and also the emotions the expressions of the girls transport.

  12. I will admit, I like the UK covers better. I bought My Soul to Save at Sam’s when I was desperate for new reading material which turned out to be an exellent impluse buy but man what if I hadn’t? That wold have sucked lol

  13. I say the UK version. Not only do they look eye catching (hehe) but also when they are lined up on the shelf with that nice title and author set up, they probably look really great. I love how my shifters series looks all lined up on my bookcase. I bet the UK version spines look awesome.

  14. I like the US covers. The UK covers are kind of scary. Plus the model on the US covers looks exactly as I imagine Kaylee.

  15. I am leaning more so towards the US cover but BOTh really are rockin’; it!!!

  16. Rhiannon

    I love the UK covers. I live in Australia and we just got the US versions which is really strange since we almost always get the UK versions of things. I’m annoyed now. if i’d known these were coming out i would have tried to wait for them. I probably would have failed but trying is what counts 🙂

  17. I admit i havent actually read them yet. MSTS is next on my ‘to read’ list. The US covers are dark and moody, the colours really pop but i agree with Kat they do seem a little repetitive and predictable.
    The UK covers (Which i voted for) are simply stunning, they are creepy and seductive and definitely draw me in. I really like the way they subtly used the theme colour to tie in the title with the photos. I also like that the layout is consistent with the author name,book title and series title all aligning up. i imagine they would look more like a series when placed on my bookshelf.

  18. The UK covers are more interesting and the use of only a little colour catches the eye.

  19. Vince Mooney


    I should clarify something. The US covers are very professional and the artists knew what they were doing. If the three US covers were right next to each other on a bookshelf, a reader would probably take them to be part of series. But on two of the books, the titles do not stand out. I’m not sure at all what the artwork on the middle book is exactly. The UK covers would be taken as part of a series even if the reader were to see them in three different locations in the bookstore. This would even be the case if the reader did not read any of the titles. I don’t see this as the case for the US covers. With them I think it is very important to have already read the titles for there to be a perception of continuity. Of course, after a reader has read one of the books, then things change. I like the comment that the US cover looks like what the reader thinks the heroine looks like. This is interesting, too.

  20. The UK covers are 1,000 times more gripping.

  21. I’m from the US, and I prefer the US covers. Yeah, there are some issues (like the poses being too similar), but the UK covers follow a pattern in book covers that I don’t particularly care for. Newer covers (in US and UK) are becoming just heads or some kind of headless figure. I miss when artists were used to create masterful cover art instead of relying on models and photography. Don’t get me wrong, I love some of the photo covers, but as an amateur artist I miss the awe-inspiring art.

  22. Vince Mooney

    I agree with Liz E. on feeling the loss of real artwork by real artists who can create beauty without a computer. Steeple Hill, Love Inspired, Mira, & Harlequin Historicals still feature genuine artwork but I fear all these covers will also fall because of costs. On the other hand, I can understand the attraction for ‘photoshopping’ artwork with paranormal titles. I just think the paranormal reader is more modern and much more open minded to the bold and futuristic.

  23. I have not read the series, but, between the two, I think the UK covers do a better job for the YA market/audience. I find the white more youthful and virginal. I like the continuity between the three books. I do like the striking colors of the US covers, but, my eye is drawn more towards the UK covers.

  24. Claire Sullivan - Barasch

    I haven’t read the books, I only have one eye which makes things difficult in terms of reading loads of books. But my one eye would say UK ALL THE WAY BABY, they are stunning and clearly designed by one of the worlds best!!

  25. Valerie Bennett

    I like the UK ones the best. I think they are more eye catching and would make me pick up the book to find out more.