His Perfect Match… by Rhyannon Byrd

Author Rhyannon Byrd is back on the blog to talk about her latest Primal Instinct book, Touch of Surrender, & heroines! Even better–she’s giving away a copy to a lucky commenter. Join Rhyannon for a discussion on favourite heroines for a chance to win!

by Rhyannon Byrd, author of Touch of Surrender (HQN Books, May 2010)

Since I’m always talking about the heroes in my books, I thought I’d do things a bit differently today and talk about my heroines for a change. TOUCH OF SURRENDER, the 5th book in my Primal Instinct series, is out this month with HQN, and the heroine, Morgan Cantrell, was an absolute blast to write. Of all the heroines I’ve written, she is definitely one of my all-time favorites. As a Watchman, Morgan is a skilled fighter, and while she’s tough when she needs to be, she’s also caring and kind and loves to have a good laugh. Constantly surrounded by rugged alpha males, Morgan’s not afraid to stand up for herself, giving as good as she gets, and she can kick butt with the best of them. And yet, she has secrets that she keeps close to her heart…and one sexy-as-sin weakness that never fails to make her melt. A certain gorgeous, green-eyed, auburn-haired werewolf who Morgan has always wanted…but never had. Until now….

I love to write dark, intense alpha heroes, and for me, the perfect heroine is someone who can take one of these stubborn, arrogant alphas and turn his entire world on its head. One who drives him crazy, shattering his hard-earned control. Who is fiercely loyal, emotionally strong and able to bring him to his knees, but who can also be tender and protective, healing the wounds that scar his soul. So even though it’s the heroes who hold my heart, that only means I have to work that much harder to create heroines who are worthy of these rugged males…and who are as close to the hero’s perfect match as I can make them.

As an author, the most important thing to me when I sit down to write a romance is that I create two characters who have a captivating, electric kind of chemistry and who make us want to pull for them as a couple. I want them to be people who are going to reach inside and not only grab a reader’s attention, but be someone that we can care about. Someone we can enjoy and cheer for, and sometimes even want to throttle when they don’t do what we want them to do. LOL. For me, the whole point is to evoke emotion. To take a reader on an intensely emotional journey that will leave them with a satisfied smile on their face in the end…as well as a deliciously warm feeling in their heart.

The Primal Instinct heroines have covered a broad range of character types, but they have each been wonderful to work with. And we still have three more Primal Instinct heroines on their way! Book 6, TOUCH OF TEMPTATION, will release in November of this year, and I’m really hoping you guys will get as big a kick out of Chloe as I have. She does a great job of keeping Kellan on his toes, and I love the way these two come together. Then, in 2011, the last two books in the series will be released. RUSH OF DARKNESS, Book 7, will be Seth and Raine’s story, and this is by far one of the most emotional stories I’ve ever written, with a scorching sensuality that I’m hoping will have you all reaching for the ice water. 😉 And then it’s finally going to be Noah’s turn in Book 8, RUSH OF PLEASURE. I’m so looking forward to writing about that blue-eyed devil! His heroine is a quirky witch who loves to give him a hard time, and it’s going to be such a riot watching Noah try to figure out how to deal with her. LOL.

And here’s my really exciting news! After Book 8, I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to tell you that I’ll be starting a new spin-off series for the vampires who have been a part of the Primal Instinct world! The first book in this new series will be for Ashe and Juliana, and I’m hoping to have some more information up on my website for you guys in the next few weeks. Can’t wait!!

To celebrate the release of TOUCH OF SURRENDER, I’m going to be giving away a signed set of the Primal Instinct series! To be eligible to win, just leave a comment telling us who your all-time favorite heroine is, and I’ll enter your name in the drawing. For me, it would have to be Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice. So who is yours?

Best wishes…and I hope you are all enjoying some lovely sunshine!


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17 Responses to His Perfect Match… by Rhyannon Byrd

  1. This is tough, narrowing it down to just one!

    I’m reading Atlas Shrugged right now (not exactly romance) and I’d have to say Dagny Taggart is one tough heroine, gritty, smart and still a woman.

  2. I’ve always wanted to read that book, Joanne. I know I have a copy of it, so I’ll have to track it down. Dagny sounds like a great heroine!

    My hubby says that his favorite heroine is Sergeant Lorna Cole from the third Lethal Weapon movie. She was another great one! 🙂


  3. My all-time favourite heroine is Claire Fraser from Outlander.

  4. I’d have to say my all time favorite heroine would have to be my mother! But, since we are talking fictional characters….

    That’s a toughie. There so many strong female characters, but recently, I’ve really been into the Urban Fantasy and Paranormal genres so I pick Mercy Thompson from Patricia Briggs MT series! She’s one tough cookie who’s not afraid to show her weakness when it matters most. And she can kick some serious butt!


  5. Hetal Patel

    Good question and great example! Elizabeth’s definitely my favorite classical heroine, but my heart had to make room for the contemporary Eve Dallas from JD Robb’s (Nora Roberts) In Death series. She’s the perfect blend of strength and compassion as she straddles the gray between right and wrong. I swear, I cry at least once with her during every book, that’s how much I heart her. 🙂


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  7. Donna S

    Really tough call. But I would have to say Eve Dallas from the In Death series. She is tough and loyal and cares about those around her and we really get to see her change and grow thoughout the series.

  8. Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice is mine, too. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book and I love Darcy.

  9. OMG! This is such an awesome giveaway! Please count me in.
    I’m looking forward to reading your off-shoot series…sounds like they’re gonna be addictive.

    One of my fave all-time heroine is Roanna Davenport in Shades of Twilight by Linda Howard…another fave is Tory Bodeen in Carolina Moon by Nora Roberts.

  10. My all time favorite heroine, who I’m not sure was intended to be a heroine, is Lianna from the Linda Winstead Jones Frye Sisters Witch Trilogy. She wasn’t the heroine of any particular book, but her story line continued throughout all three of the books. She was a character that was real, I could understand the decisions that she made, while not in the interest of “The greater good” were definitely in HER best interests.

  11. Thanks so much for all the great responses!! My TBR pile is rapidly growing. 😉

    Chey—That’s a series I hear so many wonderful things about!

    Kate—I’ve ordered the Mercy Thompson books and look forward to reading them. She’s always sounded like such an intriguing character.

    Hetal and Donna—I agree that Eve is awesome! I’m slowly working my way through the series, but I’ve loved the ones that I’ve read so far.

    Marlene—Darcy… What can I say? I love him. 🙂

    Anna—That’s so great that you named Ro and Tory. I loved both of those books. That scene in Shades of Twilight where Webb is standing out on the balcony smoking a cigarette has to be one of the most smoldering scenes ever written. That’s one of those books I can read again…and again. 🙂

    Shelli—This sounds like another series I need to track down. 😉

  12. That is a hard question. There are so many good heroines out there that just picking one is nigh on impossible.

    However I will give it a try and pick Paksenarrion from ‘Sheepfarmer’s Daughter’ by Elizabeth Moon. She develops as a character so well throughout the series and has just enough faults to seem very real.

  13. Congrats, Anna! Your name has been drawn for the giveaway!

    Please shoot me an email at rhyannonbyrd@gmail.com with your addy, and I’ll get a signed set of the Primal Instinct books in the mail to you. 🙂

    All the best,

  14. Very hard to narrow it down to a single heroine! One favorite is definitely Sugar Beth Carey from SEP’s Ain’t She Sweet–she starts out not so nice, and ends up still not traditionally nice, but her story reveals quite a bit of change in her attitude and life that makes for a fantastic read 🙂

    Congrats on your latest, Rhyannon!

  15. Scarlett O’hara, hands down.

  16. aw, I came too late to enter 🙁
    but I wanted to say my fave heroine at the moment is Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins!
    Team Gale!

  17. Claire friseur of the outlanders books!