Why Vampires Are Here To Stay… by Alexis Morgan

The media has been buzzing on what are the “next vampires” — werewolves? Angels? But does that mean vampires are out? Not according to author Alexis Morgan, whose first Silhouette Nocturne novel Vampire Vendetta hits stores this month! Alexis blogs on why she thinks vampires and here to stay. Do you agree?

by Alexis Morgan, author of Vampire Vendetta (Silhouette Nocturne, May 2010)

I’m really glad to be back visiting here at the Paranormal Romance Blog today.  The timing is perfect because I’m celebrating the release of my very first full-length vampire story, Vampire Vendetta, from Silhouette Nocturne.  I’ve been a fan of the fang, to borrow an expression from Eric Northman, for a long time.  Starting with Barnabas on Dark Shadows, some of my favorite characters  have always been vampires.  As a reader, I find it fascinating that in the mythology of vampires, their image has gradually evolved from a evil killer to a noble warrior, and from a seductive monster to a heroic lover.

When I decided to try my hand at creating my very own vampire world, I had to think long and hard what it was about one of the most iconic of paranormal characters that keeps readers coming back for more.  I can only speak for myself, but I have to think that most of us are drawn to the same things.

To begin with, I love alpha heroes, and no one is more alpha than a powerful vampire.  Regardless of whose fictional world he lives in, he’s likely to be taller, stronger, faster, and far more experienced than your average human male, not to mention better looking.  What woman wouldn’t want all that intensity focused just on her?

I’m drawn to stories that hover at the boundary of darkness and light.  That sharp edge provides the perfect environment for a vampire hero, who is more at home in the deepest of shadows than in the stark light of day.  Add a heroine who brightens his dark life perhaps for the first time in centuries, and you’ve got my attention.  Even though he can never leave that darkness behind completely, she will stand beside him forever.

Every vampire series is different, and I love the endless variety.   Sometimes the vampires live among humans in secret; other times they make their presence felt throughout society.   There are vamps who are made and vamps who are a separate species.  Ones who shun the sun, and others who have adapted and can walk in the day.  Each new series I read is a journey of discovery to see what the author has done to make her world unique.

I love the idea of a powerful vampire warrior who has sacrificed his life to protect the lives and secrets of his people.  His duty and sense of honor demands that he hold himself apart, reluctant to trust anyone other than a select few friends who have slipped past his guard.   A lonely life, to be sure, but a necessary one.   Then he meets that one woman who speaks to his heart and heals his soul.   Yeah, gotta love that.

Finally, there is the seductive appeal of a big, powerful hero armed with a lethal set of fangs and incredible strength who is brought to his knees by his love for that one special woman.  And she knows—absolutely knows—that he will use that strength to protect her, to cherish her, and never against her.

So those are my thoughts on why our fanged friends are here to stay.  Care to share any of your own?

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14 Responses to Why Vampires Are Here To Stay… by Alexis Morgan

  1. Alexis, You KNOW I love your books and Seamus’ story was, well, wonderful, a vampire who is a healer! Wow!

    It’s taken me years to warm up to vampires (a bad experience with Christopher Lee in Taste the Blood of Dracula). But, as you say, with the way they have evolved from evil killers to heroes like Seamus, it’s much easier to love them! 🙂

    So, while I’m not a “OMG, a new vamp, Gotta have it!” kinda girl, I carefully select and fully enjoy reeading about these alpha males and the women who bring some light to their worlds!

  2. Stacy L.

    Hi Alexis! I didn’t even start reading paranormal romance until a couple of years ago and I love it! I have to admit that I’m partial to weres so if you find time to write a werewolf book I’d be the first in line to buy it! 🙂 But there is something about the fangs on a vampire that is…intriguing. LOL. And Seamus is definitely living up to his alpha male status. Actually, I had to put down his book to write this so I better get going. As you know, he doesn’t like to be kept waiting!

  3. Caron–Glad you were able to stop by. There are definitely some vamp worlds I like better than others, too. But with the wide variety available, there’s something to please all of us.

    Stacy L.–I’ve been thinking about some nice weres, too. We’ll have to see how that goes–


  4. Hi Alexis ::waves::
    It’s funny, my friend and I were talking about how with paranormal romance being so popular right now, you really need something original and unique…but not so far-fetched that no one likes the world you create. What I like about your “fang boys” (lol) is that you gave them a unique world, and purpose, they aren’t “undead” or “corpse-y” but they also aren’t so far from the seductive ideal that they are hard to identify with. I loved Seamus and will definitely be buying the ebites…that’s my goal this week, to get the bites story. 🙂

  5. Hi Alexis:

    I’ve written a vampire book, “Three of our Vampires are Missing” which I am still revising. (Contest judges like it.)

    I think it is interesting that men are not turned-on by vampires. There really is no tradition of beautiful vampires that men fantasize about. It really is a female thing.

    Now, vampires were originally not handsome. Even in the movies. Béla Lugosi and Barnabas were not handsome men but women loved them anyway.

    I also do not think this has anything to do with love, per se. I think it has to do with nurturing and being needed.

    The woman gives the vampire her ‘life blood’ without which he cannot survive. I think nurturing and giving life are so strong in the female psyche that vampires, who satisfy that need more so than any other type of hero, are a real turn-on. As such, vampires will always be popular as long as these two characteristics are maintained.

    Of course, this is a male POV. : )


  6. Vince,
    Thanks for providing your POV on the subject, and it was an interesting one. Although in paranormal romance and its close cousin the urban fantasies, there are any number of strong female vampires, I suspect both of those genres are sill written with female readers in mind.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond and I hope you find a good home for your vampire story–


  7. The market is full of vampire-inspired heroes – and yet, I’m willing to welcome more. Your list is solid. I’d maybe add – immortality. I think the concept of immortality is fascinating for many people. Many vampire heroes are given the “I’ve waited forever/etermity for you” kind of dialogue, which is almost as great as Kyle Reese in Terminator saying: I came across time for you Sarah. I love you. I always have.
    Swoon 🙂

  8. I think it’s that brush of danger that surrounds the vamp. Doesn’t matter he could break his Hn’s neck as easily as drink from it. There’s just something about that kind of leashed animal spirit in a vamp that’s irresistible.

    PS, Caron, saw that movie, I agree! LOL Bela and Barnabus are still…*sigh* for some unknown reason…

  9. Dawn, I think that’s one reason I like Eric in the Sookie Stackhouse books so much. After a thousand years, he’s feeling emotions he hasn’t felt in centuries–and isn’t sure how to handle them.

    NM–I always love that moment of shock when a dangerous hero realizes that the heroine TRUSTS him. Again, Eric is shocked when he finds out Sookie trusts him.


  10. Jill M

    Hi, Alexis! I LOVE your books! I saw your book by noctourne and just had to buy it without even knowing what it was about. It’s on top of my TBR pile, I’m in the middle of reading Twilight, I finally gave in to pressure from my 30yr old niece & her husband (6th grade teacher) to read the series. I read vampire all the time but not YA. My first Vampire love was Barnabas. I also used to scare myself with Dracula movies. I think I love Vampires because they are so mysterious. You just don’t know if they are going to be good, bad, looking for redemption or languishing in dispair. They are always looking for that one true love. Aren’t we all?

  11. I certainly hope you’re right! I’m in the process of writing a vampire infested novel of my own. You make some excellent points here and I am in the group that believes our dear vamps will be around, dare I say it, for eternity!

  12. Jill–I hope you enjoy Seamus’s story. And yeah, that mix of good/bad/redemption that holds so much appeal. Polishing that tarnished honor . . . . like I said, yeah.

    Rebecca–I think editors are being selective about buying vampire stories, but it’s still definitely possible to place a vampire story. Crossing my fingers for you!


  13. Hi Alexis:

    I don’t doubt that there are strong female vampires but why would a human male want one? The man wants to be the protector. A woman with super human power who could break you in two in seconds: what’s to like? : ). I’m OK with strong, human females – like the series where the women are part of a Special Forces team.

    I am going to have to read your book. There are two of your books on Kindle. Is there one I should read first?
    “Vampire Vendetta” or “The Vampire’s Desire”?



  14. Alexis — you nailed the appeal of the vampire! I’m with you on all that: alpha male, fangs, darkness, heroine who rules his world. Congratulations on the VAMPIRE VENDETTA!