Soul Screamers Series Update

by Amy Wilkins, Harlequin Digital

Have you checked out Rachel Vincent‘s new YA series Soul Screamers from Harlequin TEEN yet? The first book, My Soul to Save, launched the new Harlequin TEEN line in August (read Rachel’s guest-post about it here) and has gotten a great response so far…well, who wouldn’t love a book filled with banshees (or bean sidhes), grim reapers, special powers, and hot guys 😉

Take a look for an ad for My Soul to Save in the special People Magazine Twilight Collector’s Issue, on-sale today! (The ad also mentions the free eBook prequel to the series, My Soul to Lose, which you can download at the Harlequin TEEN website. If you haven’t already, what are you waiting for?!) Click the image below for a closer look:


Plus, here’s a peek at the brand-new cover for the second book in the Soul Screamers series, My Soul to Save:


As it happens with book covers, it went through a little redesign to give more of a close-up of “Kaylee”. Here is the older design:


And speaking of book covers, the Readergirlz blog has a series of posts by Harlequin TEEN authors on the cover art for their books: Gena Showalter posts about Intertwined, and Rachel Vincent on the Soul Screamers covers, which includes some step-up-step photos of the creation of the My Soul to Take design. Interesting look behind a bit of publishing biz! (plus they’re giving away some Harlequin TEEN books and t-shirts to commenters…)

What do you think about the Harlequin TEEN designs so far? Which version of the My Soul to Save cover do you like better? Vote, share your comments and also let us know what YA covers you love the best!

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17 Responses to Soul Screamers Series Update

  1. The original.

    The close up concept is nice but the out come is bad. I don’t like her face chopped off. At least leave her face intact!

  2. The original because it matches the first of the series.

    Funny story I was checking in the magazine guy at work on Thursday and he held out the new moon mag to scan in and he was like “SEE! look your eyes got all big.” I laughed because I did get a little excited and I guess I didn’t hide it well. I am in my 20’s! I should not be that excited. lol Thought I’d share that with yall.

  3. Keep the Original. It goes better with the series. The worst part about the close up is that it seems to focus on her underarm more than on her.

  4. I like the original better. Too many covers are going with a partial pic of the hero or heroine.

    It also matches the first book’s cover better, linking the series to one another as well.


  5. I like the original cover better the second one is like a bad photoshop work ;(

  6. I LOVE the original cover, hate the new one. She looks chopped up on the new one.

  7. I too like the original. I don’t like that her face is chopped off and up in the corner, I don’t like that the largest part of her showing is her armpit, and I think it would be better if it matched the cover of the first book.

    I don’t LOVE the original cover, I think it would be better if she face on rather than turned to the side, but I do think the original is better than the close up version.

  8. I’m apparently going against the flow. I prefer the new version. The old version is great too, but I like that the second one isn’t just another full body shot of Kaylee in a different pose. I also really love how much clearer the ‘word ribbon’ is on the new version. I think it adds something, more clearly seeing the word ‘save’ wrapped around Kaylee when you don’t get a clear view of her.
    I’m obsessive about having book covers that match and the changes here aren’t enough for it to look out of sync with the first which is really good thing!

  9. I much, much prefer the first, full body cover. Not only does it match the first in the series better, but I am so sick of the partial face trend in YA fiction. It was interesting when it was a new tactic, about 5 years ago, but now it’s just boing and repetitive.

    And the close-up on Kaylee’s armpit is unfortunate and vaguely disturbing.

    People in favour of the new cover are pointing out that the word ribbon is clearer now, but I liked the way it only got clear on ‘My Soul To Take’ toward the bottom of the figure. Also, a computer image isn’t as big or clear as the actual book will be.

    So, yeah. Not a fan of the changes, unfortunately.

  10. I like the original cover, first, as as sister to the first book and second, because I find the later one uncomfortably unbalanced and the focus is drawn to the armpit as opposed to her face. However if there was an opportunity to find a happy medium between the two, I think I’d like that option the best since I’m not completely satisfied with the original. The girl looks rather bored in the original. Her face is a lot more intense in the second, which I like. However I still prefer the original, I think it fits better with my idea of Kaylee

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  12. The original! The red colour is more striking and I can’t stand covers with chopped off faces. The original is really a gorgeous cover. If it ain’t broke, why fix it??

  13. Both covers are great, but I prefer the new one. The eye flows over the author name to the face to the title much better. Very nice.

  14. Yeah, in addition to what I already mention (chopped up) I’m gonna be sad they don’tmatch. 🙁

  15. I like the older cover. With the new cover, even though it’s a close up, how is it better when most of her face and body are CHOPPED off? There are many, many partial body covers, and while the look was new a while ago and striking, now it’s getting tired and old. What I do like is the colors used in both covers. I love the combination of the light blue and black. Very dramatic and a pretty combo.

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