Author Michele Hauf on Werewolf Sex

Vampires and werewolves in love are normal in paranormal romance — so how does an author bring something new to the table? For author Michele Hauf, that means exploring a different facet of werewolf sex. That’s right: werewolf sex. Read Michele’s guest-post to find out h0w she pushed the boundaries in her new book, Moon Kissed

by Michele Hauf, author of MOON KISSED (Silhouette Nocturne, Sept. 2009) and AFTER THE KISS (Silhouette Nocturne Bites, Sept. 2009)

That subject line got your attention, yes?  Maybe it made you crinkle your nose a bit, and wonder just what the heck some of these romance books are getting into nowadays.  When it comes to writing and reading sex in romance novels we all have our ‘safe zones’ and ‘heat levels’ that we are comfortable with.  Sex in romance ranges from sweet kisses and promises to sex only after marriage, to closing the bedroom door once the couple starts kissing, to showing some naked body parts and strokes and caresses, to all-out full-explanation, hold-back-no-details sex.

I confess I fit somewhere in the middle of all that when it comes to reading.  But sometimes I’m in the mood for sweet, and sometimes for something more steamy, so I’m glad for the variety offered.

Within the paranormal genre of romances, the sex follows the same levels of show-nothing to show-it-all, with the added twist that some of the main characters might not necessarily be human.  In fact, they may not be in a human form for sex, which can really push boundaries.  Writers don’t want to offend readers, but as well, they want to remain true to the story and the world they have created.  Vampires may bite and drink blood during sex.  Werewolves, well, sometimes they look like a guy, sometimes they might be a bit beastly.  And demons and dragons and all other sorts present interesting sexual adventures.

I’ve always kept my heroes and heroines in human form for sex.  Vampires, don’t you know, prefer that form (though they do bite, and that’s a lot of fun).  But for my first werewolf hero I realized, when I came to the pivotal sex scene, that in order for him to completely bond with his mate that it was very important for his breed to have sex with her while in werewolf form.  That meant half-man, half-beast.  He’d be hairy.  He’d have claws.  He’d have a very wolf-like head and a snout, though his body would be much like a mans.  He would just be…more.

I also realized that this may offend some readers.  Heck, it kind of offended me.  But I’d already fallen in love with the hero and heroine, and I knew their hearts.  This would be a challenge for them, but they desperately loved one another so I couldn’t deny them.  But again, I couldn’t help but wonder who would cringe if I actually wrote this scene.  So, I emailed my editor, thinking if I asked her about doing this scene she’d for sure say ‘No!’ and then I’d be saved the worry.

My editor thought the idea a great challenge for the hero and heroine.  (!)  So I wasn’t off the hook.  I had to face my own fears and explore this touchy situation.

I like sex scenes in novels.  But I also believe they should move the story along.  When two people are falling in love the sex can be very emotional, and those emotions are important to the story.  So I wrote the scene: werewolf mating with his human mate.  And it worked for me.  It bonded the couple emotionally and physically, and I was glad I’d done it.  But I did it the way I was comfortable with presenting it, and that was to figuratively close the bedroom door on the couple before they got too into things.  (Although, they were outside, so no doors, but you get the idea.)

So I hope my leap into werewolf sex doesn’t freak anyone out.  It’s very tame, I think.  And it was interesting to explore a side of myself that was a bit leery to offend.  We writers know we can never please all readers.  And wouldn’t that be odd if we did?

So what about you?  Obviously you’re a fan of paranormal if you’re reading this blog.  Do you think paranormal fans are more willing to read and accept some of the more ‘out there’ scenes because heck, we’re reading an altered universe anyway?


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13 Responses to Author Michele Hauf on Werewolf Sex

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  2. I don’t find the werewolf sex offensive especially in a story like yours, now out of context and in a weird setting yeah it could be…wrong.

    But I really like the premise of your story, the love/romance aspects, and can’t wait to read it. Loved The Highwayman and can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Moon Kissed.

  3. Kathy Kozakewich

    If the story demands it, if the characters need it, then I’m okay.
    Sex when combined with love… beautiful, no matter where it takes you. We’ve all got our comfort zones, but when the story’s right, it’s all very right for me.

    Looking forward to reading MOON KISSED!

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  5. From the way you described it it’s big bonding moment for the characters. That’s what makes any scene like that good, the emotional connection between the characters no matter if they’re human or not. I’m going to have add it to my list of books to buy, it sounds real good.

  6. Lou Gagliardi

    As Roxanne said, if it fits, it fits.

    I think if it’s a paranormal/urban fantasy, then sex with a man/woman all wolfed (lion, etc) out is acceptable.

  7. Caught my attention, Michele! I think if it’s integral to the story, it works. When it’s there just for shock factor, not so much.
    Looking forward to reading Moon Kissed and After the Kiss.

  8. I read this book and I found that the subject was done wonderfully. It wasn’t tacky or gross. It was great risk Michele took and I think it paid off! Well done!

  9. Thanks for the comments, everyone! My werewolf, Severo, thanks you too. 🙂

  10. Linda Henderson

    Any fan of paranormal should expect something different. I personally don’t offend easily. I love your books so I can’t wait to read this one.

  11. Kathleen Carr

    i really hate that i can not find After The Kiss due to I have every other book by Michele Hauf and I cant find this one. Now my life is complicated enough and add this suspence its killing me reader alike due to i have no idea what happened and it bugs me alot.

  12. Kathleen Carr

    I live in Winnipeg,MB and if anyone knows where to get this book or where i can order it from please let me know desperate for it and i would really appreciate it . have a good day. michele hauf is the best writter out there and i love her books.

  13. I’d say if it fits in the story, then absoloutly.
    If ‘thropes’ are going to have sex in human form all the time, then what’s the point of making them were-critters, instead of just grouchy narcissits with better-than-average-senses?

    After all, in PNR with vampires, the vampires bite do they not?
    So surely, the werewolves(cats/coyotes/seals/thylacines?) should have hot, sweaty (panting?) sex in their respective forms.