A “Study” of Maria V. Snyder’s Covers

Fantasy author Maria V. Snyder‘s “Study” series — Poison Study, Magic Study, and Fire Study — has undergone a cover evolution or two. Starting out in Hardcover for LUNA, then Trade Paperbacks for MIRA, and now a new Young Adult edition (also for MIRA), every incarnation has gotten an absolutely gorgeous cover treatment. Let’s take a look:

Original Hardcovers (LUNA):


MIRA Trade paperbacks (these editions of Poison Study and Magic Study were both winners in the Cover Cafe’s Annual Cover Contest for 2007):

YA editions:

And that’s not all! Visit the cover gallery on Maria’s website to see more covers from around the world, including the UK, Germany, Spain, and Australia, as well as the cover for her new book Storm Glass coming out in April.

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Join us again on Wednesday when Maria V. Snyder will be blogging about the new Young Adult editions of  Poison Study and Magic Study.

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3 Responses to A “Study” of Maria V. Snyder’s Covers

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  2. I voted for the Mira adult trade covers, but I really love the YA ones too!

  3. xalwaysdreamx

    The Mira ones are more anonymous so you can imagine how the main character looks like instead of being influenced by the front cover